He is proud of Afghanistan 
No one can change his mind
Even as the sky throws bullets
Strangely people still smile

It might be another life, yet Afghans know it’s a lie
It is said it’s like the beginning of humanity
This land alienated in the eyes of the world
It is shouting the death of benevolence

Does anyone hear?
You know we are in despair
Magazines and newspapers talk about the violence, the pain
I do not think even anyone could bear

Sparrows are few, crows everywhere
The voice is so loud, but the world is deaf
Schools are open, streets are so warm
Every night the old vendor man carries his cart

Full of coconuts with a lantern at top
Kabul knows the pain, its mountains have cried decades
Mothers walk the way to the end of existence
They sacrifice everyday

It’s a century now they are intertwined with pain
Fathers remain the king
Oh! People stand so real
Talking to a stranger, the feeling so sincere

Kids mature without joy
War made all of us tough, but who knows if it’s enough?
Oh! He is proud of Afghanistan
No one can change his mind.

By Mina M.

Photo by Enrico Francese