You cover me with heavy black stones
You would be happy
If I die inside 

My dark grave is your scary house
Stones are its walls
You don’t want me to come out

When I run free
You chase me like a hungry hunter
Your eyes spit needles at me

Your bitter tongue kills me four hundred times
But I am going on toward my destination
With no words, no reaction

And you follow me till I am gone
Then you turn back 

You harass me because
I wear short clothes
Wear lipstick, makeup
And so on 

But I am a simple girl
With no makeup, lipstick or short clothes
I follow our religious laws

So stop!
Don’t put me inside your black house
Is there any reason, man?

Hey, man, listen to me!
It is my right to walk
Be alive
Breathe fresh air 

Your harassment is your way
Of putting me in your jail
So don’t you tell me to be good

Instead put your head inside your own neck
And find out your own faults
If you continue to harass women,
Almighty Allah will never forgive you

Sincerely yours,
S Anonymous

Photo by James Dennes