Life is beautiful 
When the bright sun
Smiles at you 
Early in the morning
And the sweet birdsongs
Wake you up.

Life is wonderful 
When there is no war
No suicide bombers 
When everyone wears bright colors 
And people wave to each other 
With love in their hearts 

Life is enjoyable 
When you can sleep at night
With a calm heart
With tension-free thoughts 
And excitement about
Seeing the next day’s shining face.

Life becomes adorable 
With the world’s big smiling face 
And a child’s loud cry
With the happiness in one’s eye,
And a shoulder to cry on 
In the unhappy days.

Life is being happy
Even for the small things
For being alive
Taking a breath
And saying “Alhamdulillah!”

By Sveto

Photo by Lima Andruska