Living in the darkness like a grasshopper on burned bushes
A young woman wearing rose-colored glasses wonders
Is it possible to live in a peaceful world and dream “impossible” dreams?
The young woman questions herself like an interrogator

“Yeah, that’s possible Ms. Dreamer, you can do it
If you decide, you can change the world
Catch the rainbow, touch its colors
Oh just imagine, how beautiful your world would be”

“Who are you kidding Ms. Dreamer. What a joke, ha, ‘you can do it’
What can you do, Dreamer? ‘Change your world?’
Here, in the war zone with thousands of bombs and killings?
You hope to make a difference?”

The young girl shouts at the voice in her head.
Oh, be silent, please, please be silent
Terrible headaches, doubt and confusion
Silences the poor girl, keeps her numb

She dreams of an angel, and speaks to her
“Ms. Dreamer,” the angel answers, “You have to awaken
Change your world, bring peace, and help young girls”
The young woman shouts “but help me please, for god’s sake!”

The angel is inspired to help
Positively to bring some…yes, change
She smiles and starts her work
Proving to us all that one day at a time

A young woman can change a world
And through her actions
She can help the earth
The young girl’s spirit soars high
Like an angel in the sky

By Shahira E.

Photo by Rajeev.