This poem is for the street children and orphans of my country who need love, care, and our support.

Alone in this world,
No love of a mother,
No care from a father,
My body shaking with hunger,
My eyes filled with tears.
With every step that I take,
Doors close in front of me.
You see my face,
But not my heart.

The brightness of day
Is darkness for me.
They call me an orphan,
A little girl in an old dress.
There is no new year for me,
No Eid, no celebrations.
My life is spent
Washing dishes
Caring for the home.

I have no friends.
I need love!
I have one dream,
And it is to die.
The grave is better
Than my life.
I am a little child,
Alone in this world.
I am an orphan.

By Nahid W.

Photo by Mohamed Somji.