Hear my cry for my girls
For women and mothers
Sisters and children
My cry for myself

Hear my cry for my people
For my government
For Afghan immigrants

I will shout with bloody eyes
Against discrimination in Iran
And attacks in Afghanistan

Listen to me and speak to me
I demand to stand against injustice

I write and write
For Farkhunda
Or was Tabasum
For Shokria
Oh my God, it was Rukhshana
Now Satayesh

Farkhunda died
for some mullah’s superstitions
She died and her family was exiled
Because security was lacking
And still I mourn her

Tabasum, the girl who always was smiling
I’ve never forgotten her smile
With beautiful eyes and face
I am still crying for her

Shokria killed with Tabasum by Taliban
Sacrificed because she was Hazara
Wished to stay in Afghanistan
To help her people
I am sorry my sister

I am tired of the stoning of girls
Rukhshana my sister

Satayesh, you would be in school next year
But now you sleep
Wake up!
Tell me about that Iranian boy
Why he raped you
Did you shout and cry and tell him to stop

The list of names endlessly
Falling like my tears

What is there to write that can make
The world listen
Should I talk about immigration?
About all those injured
Killed in Kabul’s attack!

There is such pain in my heart
Just let me cry
Hear my cry

Zahra W., age 16

Zahra is a student abroad. Satayesh stencil on wall in Kabul via Twitter.