Editor’s note: This poem and essay about peace were written in our new Pashto language workshops and translated to publish in English, pending plans for a Pashto blog.

If a peaceful feeling
grows in your body,
you can build your life and
a world with love.
It is important to have peace in our lives
Sitting under the shadow of peace,
we find happiness and success.

What is Peace?

Peace brings happiness in our lives. Without it, any country faces crime, war, and difficulties. War brings a bad message with it—a message of destruction and dead ends.

Peace has a very important role. Without it, the life of every one of us is empty and ends with unhappiness.

Peace is a gift from almighty God. We must work for peace in our country.

Because of the war, we Afghans have experienced too much conflict and difficulties in our lives. We need peace. Almighty God has said in the Holy Quran that: ”It is Muslims who bring peace in their homes.”

Peace will help us build our country and progress. I feel sorry for my Afghanistan that we have never had a peaceful life. I think it is because of ignorance and lack of education. We must work hard to remove ignorance. We can only build our country by the power of the pen and knowledge.

I ask all my Afghan brothers to work together for peace and be united.

By Safa

Translation by Pari; photo by Jonathon Colman.