The AWWP Board

Barbara Burtin, Treasurer and co-chair of the Fundraising Committee, is an investment analyst at Capital World Investors. She brings to AWWP a variety of international nonprofit and business experiences including entrepreneurship, management consulting, and business development. Barbara is French and speaks four languages.
Kimberley Heart, chair of Board Development Committee, is a nationally recognized business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Her focus is in the areas of crisis management, re-organization, and succession planning. She is also a well renowned speaker, hosts the popular talk radio show Business with Heart, and is a published author and expert commentator for ABC, NBC, and CBS.
Alaha Ahrar is currently one of the Directors of International World Poetry, Canada, on the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP), and a writer for Peace X Peace Organization, Washington, DC. Alaha graduated from University of Mary Washington with a triple major in Human Rights, Political Science, and International Affairs; she also completed a certificate program in Middle Eastern Studies. She is multilingual and has excellent computer skills. She has had numerous certificates, such as Certificate of Appreciation in 2013 from Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), Arlington, Virginia; Certificate of Recognition in 2012 from the Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington; and Certificate of Excellence and Dedication in 2012 by The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women, USA. She is a poet and writer and was awarded the Best Poet of the Year 2011 for Afghanistan and the United States in Canada. She was also appointed as the Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan in 2011. She is interested in human rights, politics, international relations development, poetry, and public speaking.

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