Oh What a Night! Thanking All Who Made Our NYC Musical Benefit a Roaring Success


We are still floating on air thinking about the magic of the Passerine Project Musical Benefit on November 6, 2015 at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in NYC. The words of the women, the songs of the student songwriters, the voices of our special readers, the talents of teaching artists – they all came together to transport us, to give us a night of creativity and witness that we will never forget.

Our Tears Fall


The tears fall
by drop
by drop.

Beyond Love


Happiness knocked on my door
and my sorrows went away.
When you were born

To Stay or Leave Afghanistan a Difficult Choice for Many


The ones who migrate illegally do not know what awaits them, such as losing their beloved daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers along the way.

Fatima G. introduction

Fatima G. was born in Afghanistan but grew up in Iran where her family sought refuge during the war. She graduated from university and now works for an agency. She works to create “a more educated, peaceful, and happy” Afghanistan.

The Painful Story of Beautiful Rukhshana


I pity those men who are so selfish they will ruin a beautiful young girl’s life—first they kill her dreams and her soul, then they stone her to death.

Sound of Death


Suddenly another loud sound
As rocks and buildings crashed
As the earthquake roared
The landslide smashing
Into houses and schools

The Taliban in My Dream


These are the most terrible days for everybody in Afghanistan. Yesterday I met one of my neighbors who wanted to leave the country. He was saying it is like suicide to stay here.

!می نویسم


برایت از قلبم می نویسم
زندگی یک غزل کهنه است
من شعر سپید می نویسم

!آزادم کن


همیشه باید به خواست تو زندگی کنم
ناموس و غیرت پدر و برادرم
زندگی را تحمل کنم به خاطر اینکه مال شوهرم هستم
وقتی مادرم باید بسوزم و بسازم به خاطر غرور پسرم.