On Killing the Cartoonists


Charlie Hebdo’s staff knew what they were doing; they knew the risk they were taking and I think they thoughtfully made cartoons to outrage Muslims, which succeeded, and led to their own deaths.

Saving Jamila


Jamila’s family knew about the beatings, but to save their pride, they wanted her to stay silent and tolerate the violence.

The World in My Imagination


Some wear smiles
Some wear tears

:برد تیم کریکت افغانستان خبر خوش برای تمام افغانها


مردم رنجدیده افغانستان سال هاست جزغم و بی امنیتی چیزی دیگری ندیده اند.



از تو و از لحظات گرم تو دلم سرد است
از فرصت های ناب که توان استفاده از آنرا ندارم

محدودم مکن


زندانی و اسیر 
چون کبوتری بی بال 
بی پناه در زندان برقه آبی ام 

ملت سلحشورم افغانستان


ملت باستانم آريانا
نام فخرو نشانم آريانا
سر فدا سازم از دل و جان
شوکت و شور و شأن ام  آريانا

Afghanistan My Poor Country


Where we don’t know if a good bye
will be our last good bye

First Daughter, Part 2


I feel thankful for my family believes in my dreams
My heart is full of joy

Sweeta introduction

Sweeta is a university student in Afghanistan. She lived in Kazakhstan until ninth grade and speaks Russian, Urdu, and English in addition to Dari.