Beheshta introduction

Beheshta is a painter and poetry writer. She graduated from university in Kabul this year with a degree in pharmacy and she hopes to get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering.

In One Nation Two Can Lead


You are Afghan and our elected leaders. By working together, you both can win.

We Need National Unity


We have intelligent politicians, thoughtful professors and experts to help, but the ethnic issue is the most complicated issue in our country and it is not getting solved.

Gang Rape


She was 18—
returning home from a wedding,
her delicate body exhausted from dancing
and laughing, unaware of the endless night ahead.



I want to live my life like a tree—
grow without limitation,
bloom with no explanation, regulation
and die—naturally.

Teenage Writers Workshop, September 2014


Teenage girls in Afghanistan are often caught in a conflict between fear of repressive traditions and brave hopes that their country’s postwar future will improve for women.

What Will I Be?


A lawyer or a doctor or government worker…
Play the violin…
Be a painter?

Beauty of Sanglakhat


The fruit is delicious.
I once was caught with my cousins and siblings,
eating from the garden’s grove—

I Want to Be an Astronaut


One of my role models is the first woman astronaut—Valentina Tereshkova from Russia. She wants to go to Mars, even if it she cannot return.



Clouds drop their precious tears
Covering tears on earth