Taliban! Leave My Country


You hid me under the blue burqa
You didn’t know, I became a fighter

Free Kunduz from the Taliban!


What a disaster
It strangles our throats
This selfishness
Kunduz is burning

Freshta B. introduction

Born in northeastern Afghanistan, Freshta B. is a university student studying writing and literature in Kabul.

The Taliban’s Attack on Kunduz


They are killing soldiers as well as civilians, women and children.

درد کندز، درد من


آه کندز، آه من است
درد کندز، درد من است
دلم برای وطنم می سوزد
اشک در چشمم خشک شد
آه! در سینه می سوزد

When the Monsters Come


The Taliban, those scorpions
In black turbans
They sting our nation
With their poison

ندای قلم برای کندز


قلمم گلویت را می فشارم
تا برای کندز بنویسی
کندز صلح می‌خواهد

Good Fairies


When you marry a wife you carry
Less sadness
For she carries half for you.

My Pen Writes for Kunduz


My pen! I press your throat against paper
I want you to write for Kunduz
Kunduz wants peace

Bamiyan at Its Most Beautiful 


People get up early in the morning to hear the song of rebirth and to smell the scent of flowers wafting in the breeze.