One wing for peace
Another wing for stability
Together they fly

Break the Silence


I was thinking what to write
Night and quiet
Alone in my room, near the window
With my ideas, pen and notebook.

My Valuable Jewel


Because I was poor
I sold my baby girl
I had five kids to feed

Afghan Star Show Enriches Our Lives


I think Arash could fill the gap in Afghan music. He knows the value of his work and he knows he is very good.

The Policewoman of Kandahar


Women for Afghan Women is holding its anniversary gala in New York this week and will award the Malalai Kakar Human Rights Award to women’s rights advocate Mahira Ahmadzai of Afghanistan.

Letter to an Orphan


I know you lost your father and mother
To war, to suicide attacks
And bomb blasts.
I know you wish it had been you who died

Toilet Paper


In a dark society
I can only be hidden.

An AWWP First! Please Support Our Campaign


Now you can show your support for Afghan women and their free expression any time you leave the house. For a donation of $50 or more, a brand-new, first-ever AWWP tote bag will be yours!

A Young Writer Escapes from a Forced Marriage 


Life is going on, as always, with all its hardships, happiness and sadness and I’m trying to survive as always.

Everyday Terror


After the presidential elections were finally decided and the new president introduced, the new government was up and running and we were all confident that positive changes would begin to come.