Love Took My Hand


We flew
Toward the sky’s half-light with stars shining
Slowly your kind face appeared
I saw myself draw close

What I Know


Stability comes from struggle
Feelings come from faith
Politeness comes from family
Parents come from destiny

Freedom Is an Attitude


When I was fourteen, the change of regime in Afghanistan destroyed my freedom.

Why Afghan Girls Give up on School


Many Afghan people think a girl who goes to school brings terrible shame on herself and her family.

Masha Hamilton: Amplifying the Voices of Afghan Women


AWWP founder Masha Hamilton profiled by AWWP mentor Liz Titus in Ms. Magazine.



آنقدر با غم به زانو می خورم
تا که از غمها به هر سو می خورم
ميروم تا سوى شهر آرزو
هر قدم با خود بيکسو می خورم

My Untouched Soul


He came to marry me
To buy me a necklace
An Arabic golden ring.

Wake Up Against the Taliban


When they don’t move ahead, the Taliban takes advantage of the political statement and there will never be peace.

The Lost Wallet


I dressed in the clothes my mother had picked out for me and I combed my hair. I had to ride on the back of my father’s bicycle because the studio was far away from our house.

She Cries in Her Heart


Her face was dark and wrinkled, her lips were dry, and she looked about 46 years old. She was carrying a child on her back.