Life is God’s gift –
Not anymore!
The beheading of a young body here and there
Spirits ruined, bodies ​​shocked, souls separated

We Are Similar, Yet Different


I write to tell you about all the fear we all have in our hearts.

Ancient City of Herat Turned 3,000 Years Old This Year


Herat’s features have changed during the last fifteen years. Tall concrete buildings are replacing the small mud shops and homes.

Missing You More Than Anything


The movie I watch
The road I walk
The restaurant I see
The song I hear

Me and the Night


It is night and it is not raining
But my eyes burn and rain tears

I Did Not Want to Marry That Boy


I got the courage to tell my father I did not want to marry. My father did not agree.

The Unfulfilled Dream of the Afghan Human Rights Queen


When she accompanied her husband King Amanullah Khan on a trip to Iran in 1928, she did not cover herself. This was so unacceptable in Iran that Iranian clergy insisted that Raza Shah, their king, order Queen Soraya to cover herself from head to foot with the hijab.

What Afghan Women Endure


Whenever I think of a new way to improve my life, my family ignores it and tells me this is my time to marry.

Woman of Our World


When they speak,
men call her sister, but they ask her
something else…

Sense of Worth


It was difficult official day in a village
Hot days with hard work
I was pregnant