Fed Up


Dear Allah
Are you seeing all your servants who
made themselves lord of this land?

The Man Who Thought I Was Weak


I said to myself that it was just a nightmare and never happened, although I knew it happened.

Disabled Afghans Discuss Marriage in Herat


Marriage is important for people and it is a big concern among disabled people, according to a woman who works with a human rights committee in Herat.

Shokria introduction

Shokria was born in Herat, graduated from university, and now wants to study for a master’s degree in linguistics and become a teacher.

My Younger Self Would Be Surprised at Me


We could not go to school or leave home without a male guardian. So most of the time I played with my doll, read storybooks, and played with my friends,

Ramadan: Blessings for Humanity 


The main purpose of fasting is to feel the miseries of the poor, those who have nothing to eat and drink for many days. The charity encourages the rich to help the poor.

Our Second Anthology Has Arrived!


In works presented both in English and Dari (Afghan Persian), the women speak candidly of their lives and viewpoints, and do so unfiltered by family or news media.  Books may be purchased for $18 each at the AWWP market page.

A Girl Who Ran Away: Fatima’s Story


The Nikah required that at least one relative from the bride’s side attend, so Fatima called her sister to come to her wedding.

Do You See What I See 


Oh, I forgot, you don’t have a mind. If you did you would not be called Taliban, and you would not kill others.

Blue Dress of Sky


I want to climb the rainbow, step by step by step