I once read how if a person prays during a rainfall, the prayer will be heard.

Tears and Joys of an Afghan Schoolgirl


My mother encouraged me because she was illiterate, and my father encouraged me because he believed in education.

Change for a New Generation


When people wanted to write a letter or read a document, they asked the clergy—the village’s Mullah.

Raise Your Voice


The husband in the family was an addict. He was always clobbering his wife and didn’t pay the family’s bills.

No Rights for the Orphans


No one helped the children when their parents died. The orphaned children try to work to care for themselves, but they are very poor.

Fear of Disgrace and Tumult


The father of the family was away for four years and when he returned home, he divorced his wife.

It Starts With Us


In Afghanistan everyone is involved with human rights problems. No man or woman is comfortable and even our children do not have their rights.

Equal Rights Is Only a Slogan


We want a bright future and a life for our children. We want them to be educated.

Oral Stories Project 8: Human Rights


This week, AWWP brings you the eighth in our series of Oral Stories from illiterate women, this time focusing on human rights and the ongoing efforts to raise the profile of women’s rights since the establishment a decade ago of the Independent Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan.

I Am Just a Poor Woman


I only have God in my life and there is no one else.