Washington DC photos

Many thanks to Cheney Orr for photographing the Washington DC reading for the AWWP website.


  1. Jessica Lefkow says:

    Great photos, Cheney!
    THANK YOU. Thank you to AWWP writers, AWWP team, Theater J and the nine readers from the OUT OF SILENCE performance.
    I look forward to the day when our writers can openly share their words in their own names, reading aloud in their own voices- until then, it remains an honor to have participated in this project.

  2. let me think deeply, close my eyes, no no no it is not me…
    let my touch, am I not sleep, am I dreaming, no no no it is not me…

    let me, open my eys as much as I can, and look at the these nice pitures, Yes, there is my name, too which means the actresses read my writings, which means, I was heard, which means audince claped for me, oh yes it is me and it is roya!

    Thanks for AWWP project and the wonderful programs, it is important and a need you are working and supporting Afghan writers.

    I cant forget the night I was writing and my family turned off the light and said, we are bored what are you writing? and tommorrow of that day when I read my writing to my best friend, she yawned and didnt care. I stoped reading my writing for others, and I never dared to tell any one close or strange to me that I can write, I understand the feelings, I can express my self.

    This website is house of my secret writings, when I am not in this world, the readers, those who read my writings and I never know them, will understand us, Hearts will beat for us, and eyes will cry for the very painful life of Afghan women, here in Afghanistan.

  3. Jessica says:

    Roya, write us a play!

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