2014 Afghan Elections Project

abdullah abdullah

Announcing the 2014 Afghan Elections Project — essays about the upcoming election on April 5 by AWWP writers plus special contributions to our Oral Stories Project. Click to read more.



Nowruz brings the warm spring,
making everywhere green and beautiful as paradise
New life starts


nowruz table

On the first night of Nowruz we put spinach, red apples, honey, boiled eggs, garlic, and candles on our dinner table. The apple’s red color means we will have success in our work; honey is the sign of amiability in our relations, boiled eggs are the sign of abundance, garlic is the sign of family health, and a candle is the sign of light in our lives.

Spring Morning

spring daisies

Usually in the winter the sky is cloudy and gray like someone is crying. But today the sky was turquoise, like the precious stone. It was clean and shiny like it was wearing new clothes and shouting that spring is coming.