International Day of the Girl 2014


October 11, 2014 is the third annual International Day of the Girl Child. The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is supporting this United Nations-sponsored celebration with poems and stories written for this day by our writers.

My Glass Bangles Jingle on Eid


My glass bangles sing out
To remind me that Eid is here

Eid, My Favorite Holiday


Children like getting the Eid gifts, but adults like the part of Eid that calls for reconciliation.

Eid Memories

eid candy

Early morning of Eid we wore our new nice clothes, put on perfume, and greeted each other with Eid Mubarak! The smiling face of my father greeted us first; he kissed us kindly. His face, his kiss, his hugs were not important for me at that time. I was just waiting for him to give me Eidi!

Oh Eid, Sweet Eid!

eid mubarak

The best part of Eid in Afghanistan is that it lasts longer for women. In Herat, my original province, men have three days of Eid but women have one month and they go to visit friends and relatives. I guess it is because women are relationship builders; they are peace and love connectors.