16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence


The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is pleased to begin our participation for a fourth year in the global Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign from Nov. 25 through Dec. 10—International Human Rights Day.

Sweet Bird


Birdie bright, birdie sweet
Your position always a foothold,
But you are patient

Brave Lady: Linda Norgrove

linda norgrove

Editor’s note: Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove, 36, was kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan on September 26th and killed 12 days later during a U.S. military rescue attempt. This is written by an Afghan woman who worked at her side prior to her kidnapping.

The First Lesson

Iran classroom

In my family, there were four children who needed schooling. At night, I talked with God. I asked him why the Iranians treated us that way. Were they not Muslims too? What was the difference between an Afghan child and an Iranian child? And why should an Afghan be prohibited from studying in such a way? I saw my dreams of becoming educated drifting away.