Reza Gul, an Innocent Bird in a Violent Marriage


Her husband attacked her and sliced off her nose. She was taken to hospital, while he fled to a nearby Taliban-dominated village.

A Harsh and Beautiful Season


Watching the snow fall is calming even when the news is bad.

Hope Twinkles in a Dark Sky


I can hear the whining of wind, and then the stove in my room turning off. I feel cold, but I continue gazing at the dark sky.

Dark Wednesday for Afghan Media


The victims, whether they are ordinary people or a soldier or a police officer, will be buried with honor and respect and everyone will declare sympathy. What happens to the brutal, bestial, and barbaric Taliban bodies?

Wishes for a New Year


Some people think walking on water is a miracle, but from where I live, simply walking peacefully in the street is a miracle.

TV Staff Is Killed in Kabul Attack


The sun rises in sorrow today. I strongly condemn the attack on TOLO TV staff.

For the Staff of TOLO TV


I ask God to bless those victims of this attack. I hope that Tolo TV does not stop its activities and will continue their work.

My Future Is Not My Sheep


In front of the house is a large hill, where every morning a girl shepherded a flock of sheep. I could see her in the distance and hear her singing.

The Persistence of Zarghona


She did not want to marry. She wanted to continue her education and graduate from school.

The Grit of a Woman Boss


I want to prove that women are strong—I want these men to change their behavior so that the next time they are working with a female colleague, they will treat her fairly.