My Journey Toward Knowledge


After the fall of the Taliban, my sisters and I became the first girls in our village to start going to school.

Childhood Memories


The day gone is gone forever and only memories remain in the human mind.

In One Nation Two Can Lead


You are Afghan and our elected leaders. By working together, you both can win.

We Need National Unity


We have intelligent politicians, thoughtful professors and experts to help, but the ethnic issue is the most complicated issue in our country and it is not getting solved.

I Want to Be an Astronaut


One of my role models is the first woman astronaut—Valentina Tereshkova from Russia. She wants to go to Mars, even if it she cannot return.

Taliban Attack Outside My School


All of my classmates were crying and asking one another, “What to do now?”

Orphan Girl


Some of our cultural customs have destroyed many women’s lives. Part of the problem is a tradition that the boy’s family gives a huge amount of money to the girl’s family in order to give permission for the marriage.

Surfer, Rock Climber, Gymnast


Since I was little I have wanted to be a gymnast, a rock climber, a figure skater, a surfer, and a soccer player. I can’t do any of those in Afghanistan, but I still try.

Girl Up—on a Bike


It was Thursday noon and I was so scared that they would not let me do it. I went to the mirror and told myself that this time they will let me ride my bike.

When I Was Young


I wanted to become a policewoman so I could save people’s lives. I especially wanted the uniform.