Debating the News


I like to read the news online during the day while I am at work, and then at night I watch Tola TV news at home.

Culture Shock: Pet Vaccines and Bikinis


Seeing whole body tattoos was shocking. What if the design gets boring next year? Or what if a man’s wife does not like it?

A Glass of Wine


Big questions remained in my mind: Why do people drink wine? How does a man feel afterwards? How does it taste?

A Lovely Evening at Home


At 7:30 we pray, then we have dinner and at 9 there is a TV serial called Feriha. We girls love it.

My Only Fault Was Falling Asleep


I asked the patient to tell me what had happened to her. The mother-in-law replied: her daughter-in-law had injured herself in a fall on the stairs.

Dream World


My world is fiction, but it means a lot to me. In my world I can conceal my sorrows behind clouds and paint joy and happiness in a colorful rainbow.

The Women’s Bazaar


In the Dur Baba District in the Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan, there is a huge bazaar where people buy and sell their young girls and women as brides.

Child of War


Every boom reminded me how I spent my entire beautiful childhood in a war, how we hid under the basement stairs, crying and in hopeless fear of the Taliban.

Biking on the Streets of Kabul


On our second group bike ride in Darlaman, an old man stopped us. All of us were scared, but he told us: “You girls raise Afghanistan’s flag.”

Sabera’s Story of Resistance


Sabera’s tragic life doesn’t fit onto one or two blank sheets of paper. But I admire her ambition to continue life despite so many traumas.