Martyr Farkhunda


Among the hundred people who killed Farkhunda, no one stood up and said, “This is against the law.” It shows that all of them were illiterate.

The New Fears in Kabul


The difference between Afghan police and the brutal Taliban is little but their uniform.

Tears in Kabul


She will remain a heroine, a symbol of integrity and honesty to the worship of her creator.

Seeking Justice for Farkhunda


It feels to me like all of Kabul cries for her cruel death.

Burning Farkhunda, Burning Our Beliefs


It sounded ridiculous to me—a woman in Kabul, daring to burn our Qur’an?

What Should the President Talk About?


I would cover defense, security and infrastructure – three broad areas that if strengthened will benefit all Afghan society.

Freedom Is an Attitude


When I was fourteen, the change of regime in Afghanistan destroyed my freedom.

Why Afghan Girls Give up on School


Many Afghan people think a girl who goes to school brings terrible shame on herself and her family.

Wake Up Against the Taliban


When they don’t move ahead, the Taliban takes advantage of the political statement and there will never be peace.

The Lost Wallet


I dressed in the clothes my mother had picked out for me and I combed my hair. I had to ride on the back of my father’s bicycle because the studio was far away from our house.