No Arrests Made in Journalist Killings


The Taliban lured a young radio journalist Palwasha Tokhi from her home in Mazar-i-Sharif and killed her—because she was a female journalist.

Watching the News


“You know what, Sameya, it is not good to generalize and judge the whole nationality by only a few of them who are involved in the conflict.” He added, “It is improper to judge a nationality.”

Teaching Math Didn’t Add up Right


Candidates take an exam, the department reviews the exams, and says the results will be known after one or two weeks and those who pass can teach in a school.

Please Be Silent, the Girl Said


“Don’t talk about this.
My honor will go.”

Going Home Again


We arrived at night. It was so dark, so quiet. The next morning I got up and looked at the place I had not seen for so many years.

Election’s Over, Time to Talk Peace


We can see this deal between the two candidates as a way for opening the door to peace. Anything can happen in our country!

What Is a Good Girl in Afghanistan?


In Afghanistan, according to social tradition, I have not been a good girl.

Being a Girl in Afghanistan


Instead of encouraging me, the enemies of education for girls burn our books.

Afghan Girls Struggle with Wrong Traditions


When I tell my friends that my brothers wash their clothes by themselves, they laugh and say, “You are lying! Our brothers don’t even go to kitchen for a glass of water.”

The Dishonored Honor of Paghman


“I can’t help but to imagine what the household men felt when they heard their women’s screams and crying while they were raped by thieves. Probably it’s the worst punishment for a man to see his honor get dishonored. God damn these rapists; they should be punished to death.”