Why Peace and Women’s Rights Matter


Every day early in the morning a woman with her five children walked fast and said, “Run my child run, walk in front of me so that I can see you, take your sister’s hand, be careful.”

A Dream


The charming breeze of spring caressed my face and made everything more attractive—the red and purple blossoms, white clouds and blue sky, the bubbling stream and chirping birds.

Saving Jamila


Jamila’s family knew about the beatings, but to save their pride, they wanted her to stay silent and tolerate the violence.

The Goodbye Moment


My grandmother used to say, “You never know the value of what you have until you lose it.”

Women Not Welcome at the University Mosque


In Afghanistan, women are deprived of many rights. The right to go to the mosque is one of them.

Riding a Bicycle, a Forbidden Joy


It will be so exhilarating to go far from my house and ride through the town, passing hotels, restaurants, friends’ and neighbors’ houses.

Walking Woman


This photograph started discussions of whether Muslim women can be forced to wear the hijab.

Winter Flight


From Kabul, we traveled by car until it was no longer possible for a car to make its way and then we traveled on foot.

Women Working Alongside Men in India


They work alongside men and they don’t hide behind scarves or chadors. They don’t sit inside their homes so that no men can see them.

Bringing in the New Year in Mazar-e-Sharif


On either the last night of New Year, or the night before the New Year, I go to my room early. I turn off the lamp and light a candle. I sit and talk to myself and I write.