Don’t Ask A Man Who I Am, part 2


I have submitted the law to a group of women’s rights activists to work on and advocate to the Parliament to approve changes in the law. Do you want to help do something about it?

Don’t Ask a Man Who I Am

atlas taking off from kabul

He started shouting. “Sister, we are still using the Taliban’s government law in the passport department.”

Halima Is My Hero


Many men had eyes on Halima and wanted to marry her as a second wife, but they were scared to propose to her since according to the culture, her brothers-in-law had the priority to marry her.

Spring Had a Nice Feel after Voting

ink fingers

I asked my mom if her vote was equal to half of a man’s vote. “No they are same. One man’s vote equals one woman’s vote,” she said.

The Violence Lifted from My Shoulders When I Voted

four women waiting to vote

I stood with the women—old, young, pregnant, and disabled. No one asked how long they would have to wait.

Waking Up to Election Day in Afghanistan

voting line in Herat

In each of her white hairs, I could see the history, the terror, the fights, and loss. She was hoping that she might get one more chance to vote.

Making Voting a Family Affair

election ink in herat

We were scared as we left the house. But when we saw security persons on all the streets we felt better.

On a Sleepless Night I Dream of Peace

Sardar memorial

I watched the news on the execution-style killing of nine people—including foreigners—in a strongly guarded luxury hotel in Kabul during Nowruz on March 21.

When the Birds Sang of Freedom

two women registering

With each step I felt stronger. I remembered my husband’s instructions, but as I got closer, I began to think, Why? Why didn’t I have the right to make my own choice?

The Blank Vote

five boys

If you don’t have a candidate, a white vote shows that you are a citizen of Afghanistan and that the fate and future of Afghanistan are important to you.