It Is a Frightening Life in a Violent Patriarchal Society 


In remote areas of the country the men in power conduct courts that have no legal basis and credibility and punish people, especially women, for small “crimes.” They do not follow the constitution of Afghanistan, and they use brutal and inhumane punishments like death by stoning.

Sabzina Studies Secretly at Night for University Degree


One night Pari cried and said, “Mother, my grandpa said he will kill you because you are out of the home at night and that means you are not a good woman.”

The Girl Who Got to Be a Teacher


In many regions the Taliban is still a big issue for Afghan children and adults and security prevents parents from sending girls to school.

To Stay or Leave Afghanistan a Difficult Choice for Many


The ones who migrate illegally do not know what awaits them, such as losing their beloved daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers along the way.

The Painful Story of Beautiful Rukhshana


I pity those men who are so selfish they will ruin a beautiful young girl’s life—first they kill her dreams and her soul, then they stone her to death.

The Taliban in My Dream


These are the most terrible days for everybody in Afghanistan. Yesterday I met one of my neighbors who wanted to leave the country. He was saying it is like suicide to stay here.

Two Girls, Same Destiny: Rukhshana and Farkhunda


Rukhshana was a 19-year-old girl who family was forcing her to marry an 80-year-old man.

Residents Fled When Taliban Attacked


The Taliban threatened to kill my cousin who is a radio journalist once they found out there was a female journalist in Kunduz.

The Mask of Jihad


Rather than using the religious terminology, we Afghan people must work together along with the government to find solutions for the problems of corruption. We cannot remove corruption with Jihad, Allah Akbar, and Alhamdulillah.

Women’s Roles Are Changing in Afghan Society


Three women in the working world tell the Afghan Women’s Writing Project how they are opening new doors to employment for Afghan women in society.