My Laptop, a Gift from My Parents


Technology has changed our civilization, in business, banking, calculating, and in countless other ways.

Beautiful Parwan: Place of My Dreams


I had never smelled such cool, fresh air, not dusty or warm, but perfect weather that made me feel like I was in the paradise that the religious scholars talk about in the mosque.

My Mother, the Mirror of Justice


Now that I am older and educated, it is time to stand up for the wishes of my mother, stand against cruelty and colonialism, and stand against those men who stood against peace.

The Day the Houses Were Destroyed in Afghanistan


All during the night the bombing was heard from different parts of the city. As I closed my eyes it was near morning. The sight of the open window woke me up.

Honesty Can Bring Peace: Allah Told Us Honesty Is Essential


The man said, “During the day, I lie to people and in the night, I go to people’s houses and steal their property and other things, and also do bad actions with women.”

Sold Three Daughters, Got a Car


I got to know many of my schoolmates and I made twenty friends in different classes. Each girl had different abilities and talents and we shared books and helped each other with lessons.

We Are Similar, Yet Different


I write to tell you about all the fear we all have in our hearts.

Ancient City of Herat Turned 3,000 Years Old This Year


Herat’s features have changed during the last fifteen years. Tall concrete buildings are replacing the small mud shops and homes.

I Did Not Want to Marry That Boy


I got the courage to tell my father I did not want to marry. My father did not agree.

The Unfulfilled Dream of the Afghan Human Rights Queen


When she accompanied her husband King Amanullah Khan on a trip to Iran in 1928, she did not cover herself. This was so unacceptable in Iran that Iranian clergy insisted that Raza Shah, their king, order Queen Soraya to cover herself from head to foot with the hijab.