A Young Writer Escapes from a Forced Marriage 


Life is going on, as always, with all its hardships, happiness and sadness and I’m trying to survive as always.

Everyday Terror


After the presidential elections were finally decided and the new president introduced, the new government was up and running and we were all confident that positive changes would begin to come.

The Goat and the Butcher


The goat thinks about its life, and the butcher thinks about how much oil he will receive from this goat.

Wail and Sing of Burning Desires


I will sing and moan even if this becomes the only routine of my daily life. I will do it until the mountains and all of nature can hear it.

My Voice Is My Action


I believe the violence comes from our religious thoughts, as they are being represented by men.

The Flawed Trial of Farkhunda’s Killers


I fear that the real leaders in the murder of Farkhunda will never be tried.

My Angel Is a Writer


I cannot express how happy I am to see my daughter among the other girls writing and competing in such a positive way with each other.

My Daughters Show the World They Are Writers


Every day I pray to almighty Allah to keep all people and my children safe. I am sure all mothers feel this way.

My Girls Will Raise the Voices of Women


My message for all mothers is to try to be the bridge that connects your daughters to a mountain of success and prosperity. Believe in them.

AWWP Is About Proving Yourself


I want my daughter to prove to the world that Afghan girls have the ability to reach high positions and fight for their rights.