Injured Soul


I dangle back and forth aimlessly
My pain is profound, too deep to be healed
Sorrow made its nest in my soul

Heart Break


When her heart rips apart
she walks off into a donkey skin.
She add wings to her shoulders
prepares to fly away



My indisposed body desires red wine
to pour into a head filled with memories of you.
It wants to burn a cigarette and watch
as such beauty strikes the darkness.



I gazed on the title of a book about someone
I had tried so hard to imitate.
I swallowed all the words
Sending them to remote corners of my brain.

A Girl in the Masjid


The clock turns 8:45 p.m.,
and I hear Mullah’s Adhan.
I need to get ready, for now I’m in
a rush.

I Write


I write to the blind ears
I write. I don’t care
If you don’t read it
I write for my son

My Broom Sweeps the Dust


Mom looks at me and says,
“Daughter! You must work even harder
Because you will marry soon, very soon!”

My Pen, My Pride


In front of you, I am a woman, your slave, a tired face of fear
What do I mean to you?
I know the answer: A victim of tolerance, a friend of silence

To My Mother


You always say
Compassion gives power
Generosity makes you glad
Forgiveness shows a way forward

I Panic


I panic and keep myself hidden in a burqa
so you won’t sin when you see my innocent body.