An Endless Ambition


I wish my blue sky
Was full of light stars
Free of fire
Clear of smoke

Decent by Nature


As surely as the sun raises its head, we women are blessed.

God’s Tears


Once upon a time, I walked on the clouds, talked
to the moon, listened to the stars, laughed with the sun,
jumped up and down with the rain drops
into a deep ocean

The Innocent Me


People say be kind and nice.
Don’t be rude.
People like and need your goodness.

Victim of Tradition


My mother told me stories
When I was four
Told me that the prince took the princess’s hands
And led her to the castle

Being a Girl


Being a girl is the most amazing experience in the world.
Sometimes it couldn’t be easier, other times it couldn’t be more difficult.

Be Heard


The old-minded ones
Do not understand.
Be pretty, act happy, stay at home, they say.

Ocean of Love and Death


The blue ocean seems dark to the eyes of a disappointed heart.
The ocean bears no beauty but loss.

Mom’s Hands


You prepared my books, polished my shoes.
You shook my teacher’s hand and told her to take care of me.



Not far from there,
I see her running with joy.
I hear her laughing,
I read her writing,