If we join together, clean up
our hearts, are honest
with each other, no one,
no one can steal our cheer.
No one can stop our movement.

Me and Others


Under my control are my heart, my feelings,
my wants, and I choose to be compassionate.
Yet suffering and sickness are human too—
Lying, cheating, selfishness, hatred.

They Do Love Me Too


He teaches me to bike when no one is home
He tells me the stories of outside
He always leaves half of his food for me

It Hurts Me


When I wait on the street
and people judge me by how I look
because I am a girl

Gender Divide


I can fall in love
And leave when I tire of it
I can smoke while walking freely
under the rain …

Voices from Jalalabad


While I walk in the streets of Nangarhar,
I see men looking at me — they are like animals.

Why Fear


I wanted to dance. Fear locked my feet and arms.
I wanted to shout back at men on the street.
Fear told me only bad girls talk back… don’t shame your family…

Love You


My eyes don’t tell you I love you?

For Our President


Be loyal, wise, and we
will support you through
all. You have given hope
to the eyes of the old,
the eyes of the child.



In a single day, I have never seen
the blue sky, the shining, morning sun,
sunset in the afternoon,
the stars twinkling at night,
or the moon’s beauty.