The Purpose of Love


Your life, beside me, I bloom
Trust me!
Kiss my hands with kindness

The Woman in the Mirror


I see you overwhelmed by unfairness
But you rise again and again

What Should I Write?


What should I write about Afghan women?
Their lives or deaths
Dreams or nightmares
Happiness or sadness

Flower on the Ground


Her skin stained with bruises
Her mind fills with clouds
Her face blue with punches
She is an unusual flower on the ground

Like This Long Night


A girl will be happy when her father buys her a doll
and her mother wears a nice dress and combs her hair.
How can a girl be sad with a life like that?

Farkhunda Said


I had a crowd that day
and I have a crowd today.

No Tears


Weather dripping with hate-filled clouds,
Like my resentful mind they cannot cry

The Rain


Some days ago, it was my cousin’s birthday, and I had to travel to my sister’s office, as we both had to go and buy cake.

Don’t Let Mother Know


Do pray for me
For I will die.
Nothing is left
Bye bye.



Hands make my frigid winter warm,
change my dry desert to sweet-scented roses
light the dark sky till it’s full of star shine,
and then, write me a song of love