Real Love

butterfly on pink

With his ideas and poems
He rode with me on angel wings,
And placed a crown on my head,
like the queens of the seven countries

Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan, month of light
Ramadan, month of patience
Ramadan, month of testing

Tonight Is My Night

dark room with candles

Tonight is a night for poetry, love, and honesty.
I have my candle, my deep, dark night and
the lonely moon in a big sky.

My Beautiful and Lovely Kandahar

harvested poppies

I love the fresh fruit, the dry fruit: pomegranates,
raisins, figs. I love the kohl, henna and bangles,
the clothing, pottery, flowers, gardens.


martial arts

My best birthday gift:
Write my name card with bold Times New Roman

Laughter to My Lips


Life becomes days I dearly love and
you become my every happy minute
at the end of a tired day.


obama with troops

I’m confused by the game
The American troops, were they helping us or taking everything from us?
They said they’d leave in 2014


man with two women in burqas

I’m tired from the dance of colors in each face
I’m tired of looking backwards
through barred windows and shame

Who Is This Moon?

yellow moon and spire

Who is this Star
Who occupies my night’s dreams,
Who seizes my day’s mind,
Who is part of every aspect of my life?

The Voice of Rain

distant rain

The voice of Rain
Gives me courage to work hard
Gives me power to climb mountains