parrot in chains

I fear the return of the Taliban regime.
Those who would confine me like a jailed bird
in a dark, narrow prison by the name of Burqa.

I Call to You, Oh Afghan Men!

red beard

Let’s create justice in our home
We cannot find justice by throwing stones on suffering women.
The meaning of justice is to be equal.

Ode to the Afghan Soldier

afghan soldier with rocket launcher

Look! All my brothers come to my funeral.
Your son is brave.
I am proud of my wreath.
Dear Mother: Don’t wait anymore.

Inside Burqa

cooped up in van

It hid my pouts and smiles
It made me fear what I want to see



She thought she’d spend her life serving him
Her four children sometimes full, sometimes hungry
She thought just be nice and obey.

Dried Flower

dried rose

Fear is my friend, love a secret I will not whisper.
“The walls have mice and mice have ears.”

Beneath a Mother’s Feet

heaven is under a mothers feet

Heaven is beneath a mother’s feet,
sing the Afghan men softly sing into our ears.

Advocate Banoo

Husn Ban Ghazanfar

Go ahead and break down all those doors,
closed in front of you. Remove all customs
that harm women in our society. Join
the sun’s light and smile in the face of all sadness.

She Is …

burqa shop

She is not a commodity to be hidden,
under black Hijab.
Worthless people do not know the worth
of others.

Under My Burqa


No matter, I’m hidden
Under my burqa.
I can still walk toward my dreams