Change Starts Here

registration line in herat

We have survived the unbelievable because of our terrible past. I believe I am ready for a new Afghanistan.

Every Election Brings New Hurdles in Afghanistan

election graffiti

That election brought new hurdles because the Taliban was threatening to cut the fingers of any women who voted.

The Nowruz Holiday Is a Family Day

haft mewa

Nowruz, which comes on Friday this year, is the first day of the new year in Afghanistan and Afghan people have many special activities for this holiday.

Paying the Price for Democracy in Afghanistan

Rasoul Sayyaf registering

It sounds very funny to me that one of them promises to create an Islamic military army for Afghanistan if he is elected president.

Because We Are Women


Women are stronger than stone and softer than feather, more beautiful than the moon, brighter than sun.

Where I Live

sunrise in kabul

So many things
To see
To learn
To ignore

Can I?

girl in shiny hijab

Can I read books?
Can I have friends?
Can I laugh?

Wishes for a Daughter

daughter with beige and green

I would love to have a daughter someday. My parents, friends, and relatives all ask me why I would love to have a daughter.

The Legends


Every country has its legends, honored names
who fought, and showed us how to fight.
A girl in my country reads their stories
And is given hope.

Arezoo introduction

Arezoo was born in Kabul in 1988 and graduated from high school. She is married and has a young son.