Ghazni, Land of the Kings


People in Ghazni come from many ethnic groups, including Pashtoon, Tajik, Hazara, and Hindu.

To My Mother


You always say
Compassion gives power
Generosity makes you glad
Forgiveness shows a way forward

With You, Without You


Sitting beside you
Having you near me
These are the joys of my life

The Man Who Thought I Was Weak


I said to myself that it was just a nightmare and never happened, although I knew it happened.

Do You See What I See 


Oh, I forgot, you don’t have a mind. If you did you would not be called Taliban, and you would not kill others.

Arezu R. introduction

Arezu R. grew up in Iran. She is married with two children, lives in an eastern province of Afghanistan, and wants to get a master’s degree.

A Traditional Marriage Takes a Different Turn


Nahid who is an example of a girl who believed in herself and is creating a good life for herself despite all the obstacles of traditional society.

I Don’t Want to Be Thirteen and Go with That Old Man


Her parents owed the old man a lot of money and could not pay him back, so instead they had to give the man their two daughters.

Our Black and White TV


The day we got the TV, I invited my friends to watch it because most of the people in Afghanistan did not have a TV in 2004.

My Valuable Jewel


Because I was poor
I sold my baby girl
I had five kids to feed