Tears and Joys of an Afghan Schoolgirl


My mother encouraged me because she was illiterate, and my father encouraged me because he believed in education.

All That an Afghan Girl Needs


a book to read
a pen to write
school to learn
shelter to spend the night

The Last Letter


Latifa was in the first position at school every year since first grade.

Winter Reverie


Reverie of snow
Spreading its white blanket
Covering trees with a white umbrella

Summer Break in the Afghan Winter


Our winter is different from many places in the world. Due to the expense of heating schools, students spend the three months of winter at home.

For Peshawar


Your children are our children, our sons and daughters

A Dream


The charming breeze of spring caressed my face and made everything more attractive—the red and purple blossoms, white clouds and blue sky, the bubbling stream and chirping birds.

I Am Charlie


The pen in the hand of a writer, a journalist, or a cartoonist can be the voice of people.

The High Price of Freedom of Speech


Sitting in my room, a writer isolated in exile, I think about the five French cartoonists killed in their office yesterday.

Walking Woman


This photograph started discussions of whether Muslim women can be forced to wear the hijab.