The Girl Who Got to Be a Teacher


In many regions the Taliban is still a big issue for Afghan children and adults and security prevents parents from sending girls to school.

Residents Fled When Taliban Attacked


The Taliban threatened to kill my cousin who is a radio journalist once they found out there was a female journalist in Kunduz.

Saddened by the Taliban, Bombings, and Now an Earthquake


When the earthquake struck the students started running to escape.

A New Mullah Who Will Bring No Peace


This is a big concern—that our government doesn’t have a united strategy on how to deal with the Taliban.

Let Us Try Peace


Your sky is clear and serene with different stars
Mine is smoggy and dark because of wars

In My Burqa Prison


In my burqa prison
It is always cold with stale air

One of the Lucky Girls


In general, the girls’ situation improved from 2001 until 2014.

Girl of War


People in my province Takhar are very scared
We haven’t been to school for a week

Bamiyan at Its Most Beautiful 


People get up early in the morning to hear the song of rebirth and to smell the scent of flowers wafting in the breeze.

She Thirsts for Eid: One Girl’s Story


Years have passed and still she is searching for an answer. “Will I have a peaceful Eid or not? Will I celebrate it or not?”