President’s Wife Must Be More Than a Symbol


In fact, all presidents of Afghanistan have been married to well educated women. The main question is whether or not these first ladies worked in support of Afghan women.

No Arrests Made in Journalist Killings


The Taliban lured a young radio journalist Palwasha Tokhi from her home in Mazar-i-Sharif and killed her—because she was a female journalist.

Please Be Silent, the Girl Said


“Don’t talk about this.
My honor will go.”

Arifa H. introduction

Arifa H. grew up in Ghazni where she remembers the Taliban coming into her elementary school and hitting the children. She graduated from university in business and economics and works as a project assistant.She hopes to get a Master’s and a PhD degree.

Election’s Over, Time to Talk Peace


We can see this deal between the two candidates as a way for opening the door to peace. Anything can happen in our country!

Victim of Tradition


My mother told me stories
When I was four
Told me that the prince took the princess’s hands
And led her to the castle

Afghan Girls Struggle with Wrong Traditions


When I tell my friends that my brothers wash their clothes by themselves, they laugh and say, “You are lying! Our brothers don’t even go to kitchen for a glass of water.”

Mom’s Hands


You prepared my books, polished my shoes.
You shook my teacher’s hand and told her to take care of me.



Not far from there,
I see her running with joy.
I hear her laughing,
I read her writing,

Beheshta introduction

Beheshta is a painter and poetry writer. She graduated from university in Kabul this year with a degree in pharmacy and she hopes to get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering.