How Culture Leads to Gender Violence


Fathers, brothers, brothers-in-law, cousins, or nephews are the ones who often decide a woman’s destiny.

My Society Looks Like Jail to Me


In our society, despite the long years of war and the ongoing bomb attacks in our streets, it is our own people who are the main cause of violence against women.

Afghan Girls, Then and Now

girls in nangarhar

All Afghan women thirst for education, freedom, and choices, but who knows how long it will take to make our dreams come true?

Rethinking a Wedding Tradition


When two people perform the Nikah ceremony and decide to start their life together, they commit to being together for the rest of their lives. They agree to be life partners. But the groom pays all the expenses of the engagement and wedding parties. So already, they are not partners.

Fatima A. introduction

Fatima A. grew up with five brothers and sisters in an educated family in the diverse northeastern province of Badakhshan near Tajikistan. She is studying university in central Asia. She wants to study economics and help the poor.



In a single day, I have never seen
the blue sky, the shining, morning sun,
sunset in the afternoon,
the stars twinkling at night,
or the moon’s beauty.

A Buried Story


Do you dare listen to this story?
It’s not a love story, but there is a girl who wants to be a lover.

The Breeze


It makes dry trees dance
Swirls wild dust
Gives spirit and life to flowers like me

President’s Wife Must Be More Than a Symbol


In fact, all presidents of Afghanistan have been married to well educated women. The main question is whether or not these first ladies worked in support of Afghan women.

No Arrests Made in Journalist Killings


The Taliban lured a young radio journalist Palwasha Tokhi from her home in Mazar-i-Sharif and killed her—because she was a female journalist.