Welcoming Spring


Spring, the beauty of life
Spring, the start of planned tasks
Spring, the reminder to forget bad memories

Freedom Is an Attitude


When I was fourteen, the change of regime in Afghanistan destroyed my freedom.

Why Afghan Girls Give up on School


Many Afghan people think a girl who goes to school brings terrible shame on herself and her family.

The Lost Wallet


I dressed in the clothes my mother had picked out for me and I combed my hair. I had to ride on the back of my father’s bicycle because the studio was far away from our house.

She Cries in Her Heart


Her face was dark and wrinkled, her lips were dry, and she looked about 46 years old. She was carrying a child on her back.

Tears and Joys of an Afghan Schoolgirl


My mother encouraged me because she was illiterate, and my father encouraged me because he believed in education.

All That an Afghan Girl Needs


a book to read
a pen to write
school to learn
shelter to spend the night

The Last Letter


Latifa was in the first position at school every year since first grade.

Winter Reverie


Reverie of snow
Spreading its white blanket
Covering trees with a white umbrella

Summer Break in the Afghan Winter


Our winter is different from many places in the world. Due to the expense of heating schools, students spend the three months of winter at home.