The High Price of Freedom of Speech


Sitting in my room, a writer isolated in exile, I think about the five French cartoonists killed in their office yesterday.

Walking Woman


This photograph started discussions of whether Muslim women can be forced to wear the hijab.

Aida S. introduction

Aida S. was born in 1999, the youngest of six children, and grew up in Takhar Province. She attends a private school and is preparing for university studies.

On Your Own Alone


When you left me
I asked you, “What will I do”?
You said, “I will take you too.”

Winter Flight


From Kabul, we traveled by car until it was no longer possible for a car to make its way and then we traveled on foot.

Women Working Alongside Men in India


They work alongside men and they don’t hide behind scarves or chadors. They don’t sit inside their homes so that no men can see them.



A suicide bomber tried to kill Shukria Barakzai, one of 69 female members of parliament and a former journalist who at one time ran a secret school for girls.

An Afghan Girl Dreams of Books


Last week my cousin asked me, “What do you want to have when you get rich?”

How Culture Leads to Gender Violence


Fathers, brothers, brothers-in-law, cousins, or nephews are the ones who often decide a woman’s destiny.

My Society Looks Like Jail to Me


In our society, despite the long years of war and the ongoing bomb attacks in our streets, it is our own people who are the main cause of violence against women.