Waiting for the Recount


Nowadays, no one even asks me how am I doing with life or my job. The first question they ask is about the two candidates.

Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan, month of light
Ramadan, month of patience
Ramadan, month of testing

Basira introduction

Basira was born in 1997 in Kabul and is a high school student. She learned English in school and she wants to express the views of Afghan women who cannot do it themselves. “My happiest moment is when I can be their voice.”

The Voice of Rain

distant rain

The voice of Rain
Gives me courage to work hard
Gives me power to climb mountains

Will Promises Come True?


People exchanged their fingers to vote for you. Please do not forget these pledges. I am breathing so that the promises will come true.

Meet the Two Men Who Want to Be President


The future of Afghanistan will be very different, depending on which man wins.

Will Disillusioned Afghans Vote a Second Time?


In the first round, people were scared, but wanted to vote. This time is different.

What Is Regret ?


Is it a feeling? Is it an environment? Or is it family?



The land of tall mountains
the land of natural beauty, rain and snow
in despair

I Am Asking You


This is earth, round and huge. You never know
when you will say hello or goodbye in this world.