Snow Brings Hope, But Storms Are Perilous in the Mountains


Snow-covered hills near Band-e Amir remake this province into the largest skiing area in Afghanistan.

For 2016


I see women who want to change their lives
to participate in society
to compete in sports
to learn to read and write
to decide how many children they will have

Reza Gul, an Innocent Bird in a Violent Marriage


Her husband attacked her and sliced off her nose. She was taken to hospital, while he fled to a nearby Taliban-dominated village.

For the Staff of TOLO TV


I ask God to bless those victims of this attack. I hope that Tolo TV does not stop its activities and will continue their work.

The Grit of a Woman Boss


I want to prove that women are strong—I want these men to change their behavior so that the next time they are working with a female colleague, they will treat her fairly.

The Spring Changed to Fall


The spring changed to fall
The big moon appeared small

Violence at Home: The Worst Day of My Life


He disapproved of everything—my traveling, my education, my clothing, and my friends. So he disowned me.

We Do Not Deny That Water Boils at 100 Degrees, Yet We Deny Our Humanity


I read a book that said that successful people have a great social network.

The Girl with Almond Eyes Who Knew All the Answers


His daughter was taking the exam without having had any special classes to prepare for it. When he looked and saw his daughter taking the exam, he was happy and there was a smile on his face.

Afghanistan, My Love and My Pain


When I finished telling my friend this story we sat there thinking about our country.