Beheshta introduction

Beheshta is a painter and poetry writer. She graduated from university in Kabul this year with a degree in pharmacy and she hopes to get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering.

We Need National Unity


We have intelligent politicians, thoughtful professors and experts to help, but the ethnic issue is the most complicated issue in our country and it is not getting solved.

Debating the News


I like to read the news online during the day while I am at work, and then at night I watch Tola TV news at home.

A Glass of Wine


Big questions remained in my mind: Why do people drink wine? How does a man feel afterwards? How does it taste?

The Women’s Bazaar


In the Dur Baba District in the Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan, there is a huge bazaar where people buy and sell their young girls and women as brides.



Black is when you want to say something, but don’t.

It’s a Jungle


When I go to school we get bullied by different people, we get to hear, see, and feel things that can make us commit suicide.

Feeling Better after Diplomatic Visit


Imagining a divided Afghanistan was a nightmare.

Waiting for the Recount


Nowadays, no one even asks me how am I doing with life or my job. The first question they ask is about the two candidates.

Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan, month of light
Ramadan, month of patience
Ramadan, month of testing