A Full Life

family in snow

You gave me joyful days / With cheer / Happiness / Insight
But I gave you days / Of desolation / Grief / Sadness

Beyond My Comfort Zone


I discovered that women who go to college can be as active and smart as men. I realized that I was wrong about my opinion of what comfort means. Comfort to me now means a nice home, safety, and more education.

My Life


Global leadership conference in Iowa
Crying at the Holocaust Museum, waterfalls in a green canyon in Arizona,
Cape Cod beaches, car accident, graduation
Green house in Minnesota, hot summer days in Washington DC,
Yellow cat, teaching English, the secret.

Ship of Dreams

storm river

From the river, between the waves and the wind,
I hear a voice:
You are victorious


lake in Central Highlands of Afghanistan

God is with me!
He helps me when I need help
He forgives me when I make a mistake

A Hard Decision

Ariana plane

I had only one more week to be with my family. I was so upset that my dad was not talking to me, and at the same time, I was afraid of having him talk to me. The day I left my home for Kabul, my dad did not know, because I was afraid he would try to stop me.

Shining Star

kabul at night

When I look out the window at dusk from my little room,

I observe a valley of optimism, full of beautiful trees and green grass.

Colorful Days after Black Nights


When we arrived in Kabul, we found a two-room mud-brick house. To pay for the house and to find food, all my siblings and I started to work. I wove carpets for four years and forgot everything about studying or getting an education.