The Grit of a Woman Boss


I want to prove that women are strong—I want these men to change their behavior so that the next time they are working with a female colleague, they will treat her fairly.

Violence at Home: The Worst Day of My Life


He disapproved of everything—my traveling, my education, my clothing, and my friends. So he disowned me.

The Girl Who Got to Be a Teacher


In many regions the Taliban is still a big issue for Afghan children and adults and security prevents parents from sending girls to school.

A New Mullah Who Will Bring No Peace


This is a big concern—that our government doesn’t have a united strategy on how to deal with the Taliban.

She Thirsts for Eid: One Girl’s Story


Years have passed and still she is searching for an answer. “Will I have a peaceful Eid or not? Will I celebrate it or not?”

A Young Writer Escapes from a Forced Marriage 


Life is going on, as always, with all its hardships, happiness and sadness and I’m trying to survive as always.

I Am Charlie


The pen in the hand of a writer, a journalist, or a cartoonist can be the voice of people.

The High Price of Freedom of Speech


Sitting in my room, a writer isolated in exile, I think about the five French cartoonists killed in their office yesterday.

A Glass of Wine


Big questions remained in my mind: Why do people drink wine? How does a man feel afterwards? How does it taste?

Meet the Two Men Who Want to Be President


The future of Afghanistan will be very different, depending on which man wins.