I Am Charlie


The pen in the hand of a writer, a journalist, or a cartoonist can be the voice of people.

The High Price of Freedom of Speech


Sitting in my room, a writer isolated in exile, I think about the five French cartoonists killed in their office yesterday.

A Glass of Wine


Big questions remained in my mind: Why do people drink wine? How does a man feel afterwards? How does it taste?

Meet the Two Men Who Want to Be President


The future of Afghanistan will be very different, depending on which man wins.

What Is Regret ?


Is it a feeling? Is it an environment? Or is it family?

Paying the Price for Democracy in Afghanistan

Rasoul Sayyaf registering

It sounds very funny to me that one of them promises to create an Islamic military army for Afghanistan if he is elected president.

Dinner at 7


I was forbidden to play outside the house from early childhood. I stayed in the kitchen and watched mom while she was cooking.

Warlord Candidate


I was hopeful that democracy in our country would heal my pains. But things got worse when many of those warlords became Parliament members or received high positions in government.

Our Future


Will you vote for a killer,
thieves, and smugglers?

God! If You Were an Afghan Woman

where is justice

If you were an Afghan woman
You would be sorry
You created me a woman