We Do Not Deny That Water Boils at 100 Degrees, Yet We Deny Our Humanity


I read a book that said that successful people have a great social network.

Sold Three Daughters, Got a Car


I got to know many of my schoolmates and I made twenty friends in different classes. Each girl had different abilities and talents and we shared books and helped each other with lessons.

I Don’t Want to Be Thirteen and Go with That Old Man


Her parents owed the old man a lot of money and could not pay him back, so instead they had to give the man their two daughters.

Breaking the Barriers: Fatima, Mahtab & Feroza


At first she was the only bride in the village who went to school but once the other brides found out, they wanted to go to school with her.

She Cries in Her Heart


Her face was dark and wrinkled, her lips were dry, and she looked about 46 years old. She was carrying a child on her back.

The Last Letter


Latifa was in the first position at school every year since first grade.

An Afghan Girl Dreams of Books


Last week my cousin asked me, “What do you want to have when you get rich?”

Victim of Tradition


My mother told me stories
When I was four
Told me that the prince took the princess’s hands
And led her to the castle

Hope Is Alive Again

champion team

People were inviting each other to pray together. When the team scored and we won the game, people were inviting each other to celebrate.

Marrying Young in Afghanistan


After two years, our neighbor was able to exchange one of their younger daughters, named Sunam, to another family who gave them a young girl who would marry their son with a mental disorder.