Debating the News


I like to read the news online during the day while I am at work, and then at night I watch Tola TV news at home.

Feeling Better after Diplomatic Visit


Imagining a divided Afghanistan was a nightmare.

Waiting for the Recount


Nowadays, no one even asks me how am I doing with life or my job. The first question they ask is about the two candidates.

Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan, month of light
Ramadan, month of patience
Ramadan, month of testing

The Voice of Rain

distant rain

The voice of Rain
Gives me courage to work hard
Gives me power to climb mountains

Will Disillusioned Afghans Vote a Second Time?


In the first round, people were scared, but wanted to vote. This time is different.



The land of tall mountains
the land of natural beauty, rain and snow
in despair

Inside Burqa

cooped up in van

It hid my pouts and smiles
It made me fear what I want to see

Every Election Brings New Hurdles in Afghanistan

election graffiti

That election brought new hurdles because the Taliban was threatening to cut the fingers of any women who voted.

The Nowruz Holiday Is a Family Day

haft mewa

Nowruz, which comes on Friday this year, is the first day of the new year in Afghanistan and Afghan people have many special activities for this holiday.