Every Election Brings New Hurdles in Afghanistan

election graffiti

That election brought new hurdles because the Taliban was threatening to cut the fingers of any women who voted.

The Nowruz Holiday Is a Family Day

haft mewa

Nowruz, which comes on Friday this year, is the first day of the new year in Afghanistan and Afghan people have many special activities for this holiday.

Where I Live

sunrise in kabul

So many things
To see
To learn
To ignore

Wishes for a Daughter

daughter with beige and green

I would love to have a daughter someday. My parents, friends, and relatives all ask me why I would love to have a daughter.

Peace in the Home

outdoor cinema

I never had a chance to live in peace. My childhood was filled with dark times during the Taliban regime when I had to stay at home.

“In Each Action There Is a Blessing…”


I rearrange the kitchen table and chairs, the oven and refrigerator and cups and cooking dishes, redecorating the way I want.

Long List of Men Running For President, But No Women

Abdullah Abdullah

We need and pray for an honest, sympathetic leader—someone who lived in Afghanistan during the wartime and would think about his or her countrymen and women more than himself.

Loya Jirga Vote Signals a Brighter Future

loya jirga 2013

From the beginning, I believed the document on keeping an international force in Afghanistan should be signed as soon as possible.

Afghan Women Should Expand Career Opportunities

security forces trainees

We women need to meet and talk about how women can be accepted into different careers in the presence of our Islamic leaders who have the power to reject or support women, for example, in the military forces.

There Is a Path Even to the Tallest Mountain

afghan bicycle team

If no one tries to interfere with our decision and create burdens for us then all women can reach the top of the mountain.