To My Mother


You always say
Compassion gives power
Generosity makes you glad
Forgiveness shows a way forward

My Valuable Jewel


Because I was poor
I sold my baby girl
I had five kids to feed

Everyday Terror


After the presidential elections were finally decided and the new president introduced, the new government was up and running and we were all confident that positive changes would begin to come.

Welcoming Spring


Spring, the beauty of life
Spring, the start of planned tasks
Spring, the reminder to forget bad memories

Freedom Is an Attitude


When I was fourteen, the change of regime in Afghanistan destroyed my freedom.

Winter Reverie


Reverie of snow
Spreading its white blanket
Covering trees with a white umbrella

Summer Break in the Afghan Winter


Our winter is different from many places in the world. Due to the expense of heating schools, students spend the three months of winter at home.

For Peshawar


Your children are our children, our sons and daughters

How Culture Leads to Gender Violence


Fathers, brothers, brothers-in-law, cousins, or nephews are the ones who often decide a woman’s destiny.

Afghan Girls, Then and Now

girls in nangarhar

All Afghan women thirst for education, freedom, and choices, but who knows how long it will take to make our dreams come true?