I Think…


The whoop of waterfalls
The crinkles of the leaves that fall from trees and lie underfoot
All of this is about being in love

I Am Farkhunda


The faces of murderers are red, the street, the weather, the soil is red
I dream I am a teacher

Fariba H. introduction

Fariba H. was born in 1991 and grew up in eastern Afghanistan in a family with six brothers and sisters. She attended university and she dreams of peace in her country.

When There Is No Peace


Rivers don’t drain the thirsty lands
The sky is pale and has stopped crying…

The Innocent Me


People say be kind and nice.
Don’t be rude.
People like and need your goodness.

Being a Girl


Being a girl is the most amazing experience in the world.
Sometimes it couldn’t be easier, other times it couldn’t be more difficult.

Frozan T. introduction

Frozan T. was born into a large family in a small farming village in Ghazni province. When she was about four the family moved to Kabul, where they spent several terror-filled years under Taliban rule. She wants to be an astronaut.

The Girl Was Crying


I listened carefully and she was saying, “I am confused. I don’t know if I am a good girl or not.”

My Father My Hero


For the daughter, her Dad is the first hero—
the man who never cheats her, the man who trusts her,
and gives everything without regret.

Biking on the Streets of Kabul


On our second group bike ride in Darlaman, an old man stopped us. All of us were scared, but he told us: “You girls raise Afghanistan’s flag.”