Dried Flower

dried rose

Fear is my friend, love a secret I will not whisper.
“The walls have mice and mice have ears.”

Advocate Banoo

Husn Ban Ghazanfar

Go ahead and break down all those doors,
closed in front of you. Remove all customs
that harm women in our society. Join
the sun’s light and smile in the face of all sadness.

On the President’s Desk

kabul protest 2014-02-13

The same Criminal Panel Code also attempted to bring stoning back as punishment to adultery.

All Souls


Outside the café window
fall heavy drops of rain to hide
a thousand mysteries,
a thousand sorrowful stories.

My Cousin’s Wedding: Hope Remains


The bride and groom were shining with the hope of a brighter future.

Having a Big Family Was Mina’s Husband’s Wish

large family

Mina was so disturbed from twenty-three pregnancies that her body could not engage in life easily.

Because She Is a Girl

police cadets

No one thinks her long skirt is clean enough to kneel and pray on.
But her scarf is clear as a virgin sky.

Zohal’s Flight to Safety


When she was a young girl, Zohal’s mother had to marry her to a terrible man and because of the family’s poverty, Zohal accepted it.

From the Courts: Maryam’s Story

mother and daughter with carpets

She decided to take a stand and not allow him to sell her daughter. She pleaded to her brother to help her and they made a complaint to family court and she also consulted with a defense lawyer.

Fatemah M. introduction

Fatemah M. wrote poems and a blog while she attending Balkh University in northern Afghanistan. She graduated and works for women’s development in Afghanistan.