Stand Against the Gales


In Afghanistan there are still women who are passing their lives as slaves because they have given birth to baby girls instead of baby boys. And then their husband will get to marry another woman to produce baby boys, turning the wife into the family’s servant.

My Father’s Notebook


When he was very young and had lost his father. His mother, my grandmother, was taking care of their eight children.

Fahima introduction

Fahima was born in Kabul but but grew up in Pakistan. She works with nonprofit organizations in Afghanistan and is a university student studying medicine.

Wail and Sing of Burning Desires


I will sing and moan even if this becomes the only routine of my daily life. I will do it until the mountains and all of nature can hear it.

I Think…


The whoop of waterfalls
The crinkles of the leaves that fall from trees and lie underfoot
All of this is about being in love

I Am Farkhunda


The faces of murderers are red, the street, the weather, the soil is red
I dream I am a teacher

Fariba H. introduction

Fariba H. was born in 1991 and grew up in eastern Afghanistan in a family with six brothers and sisters. She attended university and she dreams of peace in her country.

When There Is No Peace


Rivers don’t drain the thirsty lands
The sky is pale and has stopped crying…

The Innocent Me


People say be kind and nice.
Don’t be rude.
People like and need your goodness.

Being a Girl


Being a girl is the most amazing experience in the world.
Sometimes it couldn’t be easier, other times it couldn’t be more difficult.