Beyond Love


Happiness knocked on my door
and my sorrows went away.
When you were born

Fatima G. introduction

Fatima G. was born in Afghanistan but grew up in Iran where her family sought refuge during the war. She graduated from university and now works for an agency. She works to create “a more educated, peaceful, and happy” Afghanistan.

The Painful Story of Beautiful Rukhshana


I pity those men who are so selfish they will ruin a beautiful young girl’s life—first they kill her dreams and her soul, then they stone her to death.

I Want to Breathe


I want to really know the meadows
and give tulips to all women of my generation
because we all know how much
we have sacrificed.

Freshta B. introduction

Born in northeastern Afghanistan, Freshta B. is a university student studying writing and literature in Kabul.

The Taliban’s Attack on Kunduz


They are killing soldiers as well as civilians, women and children.

The Good Days of Kabul


I remember crossing the Kabul River and asking my father to pick me up so that I could see the river flowing. It was spring and that small river looked so big to me with so much water from the rain.

Stand Against the Gales


In Afghanistan there are still women who are passing their lives as slaves because they have given birth to baby girls instead of baby boys. And then their husband will get to marry another woman to produce baby boys, turning the wife into the family’s servant.

My Father’s Notebook


When he was very young and had lost his father. His mother, my grandmother, was taking care of their eight children.

Fahima introduction

Fahima was born in Kabul but but grew up in Pakistan. She works with nonprofit organizations in Afghanistan and is a university student studying medicine.