University Battleground

police silhouette

He was a gangster related to a large, powerful criminal group, and his cohorts were trying to rescue him from the prison. They were shooting carelessly without thinking of bystanders on the street.

Mother, Forgive Me!


I see your tired eyes when I arrive home
I see hopes behind those black, gorgeous eyes
They ask for answers, but I’ve none to give

Imprisoned for Its Light

women in darkness

To suffer
To tolerate all the harsh words
To do what others say.

A Nest of Your Remembrance

without you

How can I live without you?
My heart is a cage of sorrow.
My mind is a nest of your remembrance.

Suffering Kabul, A City I Love

kabul oranges

Yet I love this city, not because I grew up and studied here, but because it is lovely, yeah it is. It may sound weird to you, but for me it has been always stunning: Kabul nights, juma Friday prayers, small bazaars with narrow roads and crowds of people, yellow and white taxis with their storyteller drivers, folklore music that you can hear in every shop or restaurant, Kabul mornings that always begin with noise and cheers. Kabul is simply awesome.

Read My Poems on the Reddish Stream of My Blood

first day of school

my dreams which never come true, / my power that has always been ignored, / my voice which is never heard by this deaf universe, / my rights which have never been counted, / my life decisions which are always made by others. / Oh my destiny, give me the answer, what am I for in this universe?

She Will Make It


“He said if I marry him, he will let my mom and sister live in his house and will support us financially and pay for Mom’s treatment. But it doesn’t end there—he wants me to stop going to school! I will marry this guy anyway. I cannot wait for my imaginary prince about whom I wrote my poems. My mom doesn’t have much time before she will lose her vision.

Waiting for You

lotus flower

I love you / I love you so much that / as long as I am alive / I will be waiting for you. / There is no day in my life that passes / without thinking of you. / It is not that I can live without you / I even don’t want to try.

Hijab: The Beauty of Muslim Women


In the Western World, Muslim women are seen as oppressed and passive. Most think that Muslim women’s rights are violated according to Islamic law. Wearing a hijab doesn’t make a woman passive because scarf covers the head, not in the minds, of Muslim women.

The Taxi Driver


We were stuck in traffic and a strange silence fell among the three of us. I looked out at the many people in the cars and walking on the streets. I thought every single one of these people is struggling with problems. I wished we could all get together and trust each other to solve the problems.