The Innocents


The innocents live a life
That begins with words like explosion, attack, death
And ends suddenly, conclusively.
Newspapers never specify an age

My Father’s Notebook


When he was very young and had lost his father. His mother, my grandmother, was taking care of their eight children.

Farahnaz introduction

Farahnaz attended high school in Afghanistan. Her family left Afghanistan during the Taliban to go as refugees to Iran, then Pakistan, so their children could go to school. She continues her higher education outside the country, and hopes to return to bring opportunities to Afghanistan, especially for women.

Dried Flower

dried rose

Fear is my friend, love a secret I will not whisper.
“The walls have mice and mice have ears.”

All Souls


Outside the café window
fall heavy drops of rain to hide
a thousand mysteries,
a thousand sorrowful stories.

When I Was Six

young girl in pink

Mom my slippers got holes
My feet are hurting
Be quiet my dear
We’ll be there soon

Miss Connie

limburger cheese

You had a German cheese with bread
It gave me ideas about Germany
After that day I always looked forward to your class

New Year

camil tulcan mirror

I stand tall and promise my new year resolution
I will end this lonely moment
I shiver but no one is there to give their coat

Please, Rain

hands in rain

Under the cloudy, dark sky
stands a tall girl with long, dark hair.
Tears drop from her eyes as she closes them

Yes, We Are Afghan Children


We are orphaned children working to feed our families
Working with tiny, cold hands
Hands aching during the night