nowruz table

On the first night of Nowruz we put spinach, red apples, honey, boiled eggs, garlic, and candles on our dinner table. The apple’s red color means we will have success in our work; honey is the sign of amiability in our relations, boiled eggs are the sign of abundance, garlic is the sign of family health, and a candle is the sign of light in our lives.

Hope in the Dark Time


When the Taliban came to our village, everyone wanted to see them and how they behaved. It was a sunny day. All the streets were quiet. I stood behind our door and saw them passing on the street. They all had long beards and hair and it seemed that it was long time since they had washed.

International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day doesn’t mean to me the celebration of all the hard work Afghan women do in a year. Women’s Day means that women get rid of suppression and applaud their voices.

My Busy Year

women voting

Because of this training, I put my life at risk and voted in two elections, even though there was a rumor that if a woman voted the Taliban would cut off her colored finger. It was frightening and a big decision because sometimes a rumor can become the reality.

An Important Person


She was calm and hard working, but after two or three hours, she told us to take a few minutes’ break. She told jokes and we all laughed.

Girls and Education

classroom burqas

Every time girls go to school
I feel totally changed

My Golden Childhood

mango ice cream

The golden years of my life were from when I was eight until twelve. I smelled the sweet scent of flowers everywhere; in my house, on the streets, on the way to school, and even in the school garden.

Learning from My Father

brown hatted man

My father is the important person in my life. He was the first person who taught me good things and how to avoid making mistakes. He is different from most fathers in Afghanistan: he is not prejudiced and he gives me the freedom to choose.

Laughter That Renewed My Spirit


When I heard this, I began to laugh. Rabia saw this and she also started laughing. I tried my best to look sad, but could not.

Sacrifice and Healing

father portrait

I was afraid that if something happened to my father, what would be the value of a scholarship for me? All three exams for my scholarships were scheduled in the same month, but he knew only about the first one. I did not tell him about the other two.