Fatima S. introduction

Fatima’s family is from Ghazni. They fled to Pakistan when she was four because her father and uncle, well known in Ghazni, had received threats on their lives. Her family later returned to Kabul where she finished high school and volunteer-taught in an orphanage.

Come Back a Day

red shawl in cemetery

Sad memories, worries, pains and loneliness
All will go away
If you come back a day.

I Meet the Alien God

Bamiyan mud brick home

My boss … I mean my conscience
Gave me a mission to accomplish.
I walked down from my small hut.



I want to make a map of the earth.
No borders.
No one will be rich because no one is poor.

Walk in Dark

kabul twilight

My grandmother walked in this dark street
My mother walked in this dark street
Now, I have to walk in this dark street…