Freshta introduction

Freshta was born in Kabul, but her family is from Laghman Province in eastern Afghanistan. During the Taliban period, she attended a secret school. She wants to be a journalist, a writer, and a poet.


The Golden Rule - Rockwell

Words that ruin our pride
Let’s remove these words!
But keep the word human

American Nature


America’s nature tells a story / of all countries. / Its winds bring thoughts / Its rains can bring worry / Though mostly it smiles / For peace and security.


fountain pen

Can you fight with me? / You have a gun / I have a pen / You have power / I have mind, intellect and tongue

My Red Eyes


My eyes are having crazy pain / I fear I will lose my vision / My cure can be found in neither medicine nor tranquilizer / I need clear light. / But how is it possible to bring bright light to my eyes?

Bearing a Red Cross

worried girl

Hesitantly, Friba approached the front of the class. “I have decided to punish you to remind you not to forget my lesson,” the teacher said. “You have disrespected me by not remembering the assignment and not doing your work. Shame on all of you. Friba! You are not even prepared to give me yesterday’s lesson, but you can make noise in the classroom.”

Then she turned to me and said, “Freshta, give Friba a slap on the face.”

Sexual Assault

afghan prison

I cannot live without you—my soul. / Why is rape my punishment in this prison? / Do they not understand / Dignity is my soul? / Like water running / to the sea, / self-worth won’t return to me. / I grieve / despite others’ compassion. / Why? / No one can give me my dignity back.

Barq Came, Electricity Came

ben franklin

“Barqaa Amaddddddddddddddddd! Electricity came!” we heard a child yell. The call then resounded throughout the group of children playing in front of a Soviet-built Microrayan building in Kabul. “Barq! Electricity!” Whistles and shouts in Pashtu and English could be heard from one end of the playground to the other. “Let’s watch Alla-u-dinne cartoons. Let’s watch Tom and Jerry cartoons,” came the cries fading into doorways as youngsters rushed inside to turn on their TVs.

The Internet Goes Down


You are my eyes / Without you, I can’t see the world / Do not close our eyes / Do not flicker.
You are my blood / Without you, I am lost / You are my arm / Oh please! Do not flicker.

American Soldiers: Here to Protect, or Violate?

Photo courtesy of the Qarar Family.

“Where is the international community now?” a widow cries over her husband’s dead body. “Where are the human rights commissions to hear me? They are always speaking about human rights. Which human right allows you to kill two persons while arresting an accused person? You judge.”

The woman’s husband, Hamdullah, was killed early in the morning of Nov. 19, 2009, when three helicopters brought a group of American soldiers with guns and barking dogs to a family compound in the ancient city of Shelgar, located in the Ghaznai province in the south of Afghanistan. The soldiers attacked the compound, looking for an accused Al-Qaeda member. The bloodcurdling sounds woke all the villagers, but no one left their houses for fear of being shot.