I Want to Breathe


I want to really know the meadows
and give tulips to all women of my generation
because we all know how much
we have sacrificed.

I Think…


The whoop of waterfalls
The crinkles of the leaves that fall from trees and lie underfoot
All of this is about being in love

Real Love

butterfly on pink

With his ideas and poems
He rode with me on angel wings,
And placed a crown on my head,
like the queens of the seven countries

Friba introduction

Friba was born in Kabul. She graduated with a degree in literature in 2009. Since finishing college, Friba has worked as an advocacy officer for victims of landmines and is a published writer in the field of literature and research.

Advocate Banoo

Husn Ban Ghazanfar

Go ahead and break down all those doors,
closed in front of you. Remove all customs
that harm women in our society. Join
the sun’s light and smile in the face of all sadness.

Because She Is a Girl

police cadets

No one thinks her long skirt is clean enough to kneel and pray on.
But her scarf is clear as a virgin sky.

How to Heal the World


When you are not with me
I say Allah Hafiz to everyone.
Without you, my beloved, I am silent, without laughter or speech.

Teach the World


Mother of mine, you can be a spokeswoman for peace,
Because you are love, honesty, and sentiment.

My Friend


My friend is like a mountain, high and quiet

She Is Me

mutilated ear

Silent and immolated
by my society’s bad customs,
I believe in love, forgiveness, loyalty.