Heart Break


When her heart rips apart
she walks off into a donkey skin.
She add wings to her shoulders
prepares to fly away

Hajar introduction

Hajar spent her childhood as an immigrant in Iran and her family returned to Afghanistan when she was eleven. She wants to be a filmmaker.



My indisposed body desires red wine
to pour into a head filled with memories of you.
It wants to burn a cigarette and watch
as such beauty strikes the darkness.



I gazed on the title of a book about someone
I had tried so hard to imitate.
I swallowed all the words
Sending them to remote corners of my brain.

Art of My Life


If I had my own life painted by an artist, I think I might choose Jackson Pollock.

The Rain


Some days ago, it was my cousin’s birthday, and I had to travel to my sister’s office, as we both had to go and buy cake.

Hadia introduction

Hadia has happy memories of growing up in Kabul in a family that encouraged her education. She is a university student, plays sports, and hopes to work in foreign affairs.

Unseen Bravery


When the gunmen stopped the schoolbus, one of them got on the bus and yelled, “Who is Malala? If you don’t answer, I will kill you all.” Malala did not hide, but introduced herself to her attackers.

Distances Between Us


Remembering you, I collected grenadine
I wanted to give you flowers
I loved your beautiful Ahoo eyes

Saving Jamila


Jamila’s family knew about the beatings, but to save their pride, they wanted her to stay silent and tolerate the violence.