If I Meet God

many sheep

Everything in this world is beautiful
That was only what I heard in my childhood
When I got older I got to know the real world thinking
About the god who created me

Loya Jirga: A Waste of Time and Money?

karzai departing loya jirga

For such an important decision we should include new well educated politicians with fresh ideas. We should not be relying on the same group of warlords who contributed to the destruction of our country for many years.

A Mother’s Sacrifice

fish bones

While she was giving me her piece of bread, she would say: “Eat this bread. I am not feeling hungry.” That was the mother’s first lie.

We Don’t Want War Anymore


They were married and after a year they became parents of a son. The days went by and they were happy.

Time for the Magic Word: Change


Most women in Afghanistan can’t even make eye contact or smile in communicating with their male co-workers.

Maryam Dreamed of a Simple Life

girl in hospital

While people make different statements about a male-dominated society, the culprits of Maryam’s death are women themselves, her stepmother and mother-in-law.

More Than Fifty of My People Were Killed Today…


The innocent children – whose only hope was to wake up the next morning and play and who dreamed of the future just like any other children – took their wishes to the grave again.

Small Heart


There are no broken flowers here,
no dry leaves. Only
the voices of the birds, singing songs,
celebrating new life.

My Hapless Home

bombsite in Kabul

I recognize nothing on these streets of war
Everything has changed.

At the Jirga

Loya Jirga

I said, “Let’s see how much the governor pays attention to women’s rights!” The governor closed his eyes and put the last vote on my stack.