Gullafroz introduction

Gullafroz was born in Daikundi province and emigrated to Pakistan with her family at age three. Her family returned to Kandahar and she was deeply affected by the poor quality of education and oppression of women. She is now a college student in Kabul and hopes to complete her higher education soon.

Time for the Magic Word: Change


Most women in Afghanistan can’t even make eye contact or smile in communicating with their male co-workers.

Maryam Dreamed of a Simple Life

girl in hospital

While people make different statements about a male-dominated society, the culprits of Maryam’s death are women themselves, her stepmother and mother-in-law.

A Call for Women Rights

Fawzia Koofi

To avoid a return of the harsh treatment of women, President Karzai must consider women’s rights an essential part of his job.

A Masterpiece of Nature, the Band-e-Amir


The second thing that you will notice, as you are enjoying the fresh air, is the reflection of the sky on the lake.
Have you ever seen the blue sky below your feet?

The No Hope Bomb

Darulaman Palace

When I woke up that morning, October 29, 2011, I had new plans and new wishes. I had worked through the night on my assignments and I was excited to get to school. I had written a to-do list for the day. Yet, we don’t really know about the next minutes of our lives. How can we plan for the whole day?

Still Waiting for Sunshine

sunset over desert

Qandy Gul’s relatives and even her father blamed her for the deaths of her husbands and called her shoikhor, a woman who eats her husband.

Afghan Citizens, Wake Up!

Dr. Lee Su Hyeon

There are diverse opinions about the intention of the international community among the Afghan people. Some think of them as invaders, while others welcome them as supporters