Fitting Literacy into Our Culture

reading girl

If we want equality and we want to eliminate violence and have a stable economy, we must improve the education of women.

Hila introduction

Hila was born in Nangarhar province in 1995 and started school in Jalalabad, but when the war started in 2001 her family fled to Pakistan for two years. She went to public high school in Kabul and she wants to become a diplomat.

Peace Shouts

british patrol

I know war, I see it every day
I see it in daylight and even in dreams
it’s a red color, it’s so cheap

If I Meet God

many sheep

Everything in this world is beautiful
That was only what I heard in my childhood
When I got older I got to know the real world thinking
About the god who created me

Loya Jirga: A Waste of Time and Money?

karzai departing loya jirga

For such an important decision we should include new well educated politicians with fresh ideas. We should not be relying on the same group of warlords who contributed to the destruction of our country for many years.

More Than Fifty of My People Were Killed Today…


The innocent children – whose only hope was to wake up the next morning and play and who dreamed of the future just like any other children – took their wishes to the grave again.

Small Heart


There are no broken flowers here,
no dry leaves. Only
the voices of the birds, singing songs,
celebrating new life.

My Hapless Home

bombsite in Kabul

I recognize nothing on these streets of war
Everything has changed.

Why I Write

lioness with cub

When I feel hurt
Tired of life
I write

Drops of Rain

rain on window

Today it would be tricky to walk down the
alley but as I went down my road, I
skipped around the holes like I had wings to fly.