Art of My Life


If I had my own life painted by an artist, I think I might choose Jackson Pollock.

The Rain


Some days ago, it was my cousin’s birthday, and I had to travel to my sister’s office, as we both had to go and buy cake.

Saving Jamila


Jamila’s family knew about the beatings, but to save their pride, they wanted her to stay silent and tolerate the violence.

Humaira introduction

Humaira is preparing for graduation this year and then she will go to university. She wants to write the truth about Afgan society’s treatment of girls. “I know that I may not be able to help those girls and women who faced violence but I can at least share their pain and voice with others.”

The General’s Daughter

hand on gun

Her mother was cleaning their home and while cleaning the general’s gun, she accidentally shot herself.

Shut up Because You Are a Girl


If I could be the head of a television or radio station, I would make a drama comparing what really happens in Afghanistan with what mullahs say is permitted by our religion.

The Eighth of March


What I wish is that someday violence against women will come to an end and women will become aware of their importance to society and be free to express their ideas and feelings.