Humira introduction

Humira is from the northern province of Kunduz, a Taliban stronghold during the war. Her family left for Pakistan during the war. She believes education will solve Afghanistan’s problems. She has been teaching children since she was in sixth grade and she would like to complete her higher education degree.

Birth of a Girl

mehran rafaat

“Nobody knows about the birth of this child,” he told his wife, “so why shouldn’t I tell everyone the child is a boy, until everything settles down?”

Let Me Fly

black headed gull

I want to feel the pleasure of being free
Without any fear
Without any tears

Spring Morning

spring daisies

Usually in the winter the sky is cloudy and gray like someone is crying. But today the sky was turquoise, like the precious stone. It was clean and shiny like it was wearing new clothes and shouting that spring is coming.