How much violence can I tolerate?
What kind of sin is worth such brutality?
I am discouraged about our future

Khadija introduction

Khadija is the youngest of four children in a family that lives in eastern Afghanistan. Born in 1990, she has graduated from university and is looking for a job.

A Hazara Girl Takes Pride in Her Heritage


I can see all the beauty of the world with my almond-shaped eyes.

It Could Be Me


It makes me sad when I remember the girls getting married at age 13 in my village.

Voices from Jalalabad


While I walk in the streets of Nangarhar,
I see men looking at me — they are like animals.

God’s Tears


Once upon a time, I walked on the clouds, talked
to the moon, listened to the stars, laughed with the sun,
jumped up and down with the rain drops
into a deep ocean

Dear Mr. President


Now we want you to work hard to provide equal rights for us. You are the one who must fight to stop violence against women.

Childhood Memories


The day gone is gone forever and only memories remain in the human mind.

Everyone Has Advice for an Afghan Girl


Her advice surprised me. Her ideas were so different from mine and from my family.

The First and Last Slap

Paktika school

In Afghanistan, the lazy students sit at the back of class where the teachers do not pay attention to them, and I sat with them on the floor.