Everyone Has Advice for an Afghan Girl


Her advice surprised me. Her ideas were so different from mine and from my family.

The First and Last Slap

Paktika school

In Afghanistan, the lazy students sit at the back of class where the teachers do not pay attention to them, and I sat with them on the floor.

Leeda introduction

Leeda was born in 1989 in an educated family from Farah Province. During the Taliban years the family moved to Iran, returning in 2000. Currently, Leeda is studying law. She says she is writing “Because I would like to tell the story of Afghan women to women in the world…it is our duty to help each other, because women help each other.”

Kamilah introduction

Kamilah was born in a small village in Ghazni province in 1993. She started school after the Taliban and finished elementary school in Kabul. She went to secondary school for four years in Bamiyan province where her father worked. She finished high school in Kabul in 2008 and she now studies international relations in a university in Kabul. Kamilah says: “I want to be an ambassador to bring peace between two countries. I want a green world with happy people.”

Leena G. introduction

Leena G. is trained as a dentist and works in human rights in an eastern province. She joined AWWP to write poetry about Afghan women and to support them with her writing.

Lima introduction

Lima was born in Kandahar and lived in Kabul till she was 6 years old. During the Taliban period, she and her family lived as refugees in Pakistan. She then returned to Afghanistan, where she is the founder of a group which helps local Afghan artisans enter local and international markets, co-founder of an emergency charity foundation, and works in a variety of other fields to help women find work and Afghan children to be educated.

Don’t Ask A Man Who I Am, part 2


I have submitted the law to a group of women’s rights activists to work on and advocate to the Parliament to approve changes in the law. Do you want to help do something about it?

Don’t Ask a Man Who I Am

atlas taking off from kabul

He started shouting. “Sister, we are still using the Taliban’s government law in the passport department.”

Laila introduction

Laila grew up in Holland, where her Afghan parents were living as refugees. She returned to Afghanistan when she was ten years old. The first year back was very difficult. She then spent a year in Australia, where her three aunts and cousins live. She then moved back to Afghanistan.

She Is …

burqa shop

She is not a commodity to be hidden,
under black Hijab.
Worthless people do not know the worth
of others.