Lena introduction

Lena is a teacher in southern Afghanistan.

Afghan Women Meet with Taliban


Why are women trying to bring peace? I believe it is because it appears that the government is unable to get peace or to do anything for the people.

The Policewoman of Kandahar


Women for Afghan Women is holding its anniversary gala in New York this week and will award the Malalai Kakar Human Rights Award to women’s rights advocate Mahira Ahmadzai of Afghanistan.

To Today’s Man from Today‘s Woman


Today’s women are educated
We’re skilled in technology
We are doctors and we can treat you now!

The Mullah Outside the Mosque


Niazi and other mullahs like him must be removed from mosques.



How much violence can I tolerate?
What kind of sin is worth such brutality?
I am discouraged about our future

Khadija M. introduction

Khadija is the youngest of four children in a family that lives in eastern Afghanistan. Born in 1990, she has graduated from university and is looking for a job.

A Hazara Girl Takes Pride in Her Heritage


I can see all the beauty of the world with my almond-shaped eyes.

It Could Be Me


It makes me sad when I remember the girls getting married at age 13 in my village.

Voices from Jalalabad


While I walk in the streets of Nangarhar,
I see men looking at me — they are like animals.