Afghan Women Meet with Taliban


Why are women trying to bring peace? I believe it is because it appears that the government is unable to get peace or to do anything for the people.

Childhood Memories


The day gone is gone forever and only memories remain in the human mind.

Tales from the Kabul Workshop: Gender Discrimination


Editor’s note: Yesterday (December 6, 2013), the Kabul Writers Group marked the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign with a workshop on forms of gender discrimination. Here are some of their stories.

Family of Love


Play on the piano, the keys of my heart—
black, white, red and all the notes



The triad holds us —
Life, love, forgiveness

Human Rights Day


I am an Afghan girl.
How sweet the taste of this word, freedom.

Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Begins


Because I am a woman,
I should not speak my ideas.
I should not have dreams.
I should not play football.

Queen of My Life’s Land


You are the one who does not sleep, but takes care of me.
When I get married, I will have to suffer it alone.



Nowruz brings the warm spring,
making everywhere green and beautiful as paradise
New life starts

Celebrating Nowruz with Our Writers


Editor’s note: Our writers in Kabul tell some of the ways they will celebrate Nowruz with their families on Tuesday, March 20th: Afghanistan’s New Year and the first day of spring.