The Mullah Outside the Mosque


Niazi and other mullahs like him must be removed from mosques.

God’s Tears


Once upon a time, I walked on the clouds, talked
to the moon, listened to the stars, laughed with the sun,
jumped up and down with the rain drops
into a deep ocean

The First and Last Slap

Paktika school

In Afghanistan, the lazy students sit at the back of class where the teachers do not pay attention to them, and I sat with them on the floor.

Kamilah introduction

Kamilah was born in a small village in Ghazni province in 1993. She started school after the Taliban and finished elementary school in Kabul. She went to secondary school for four years in Bamiyan province where her father worked. She finished high school in Kabul in 2008 and she now studies international relations in a university in Kabul. Kamilah says: “I want to be an ambassador to bring peace between two countries. I want a green world with happy people.”

She Is …

burqa shop

She is not a commodity to be hidden,
under black Hijab.
Worthless people do not know the worth
of others.

Heaven Doesn’t Need a Key

taliban check point

The key is within you.
Open Heaven’s door with love,
With kindness, honesty.
Find paradise where you are.

An Afghan Girl Educates Herself (part 2)


Now my younger sisters will not be forced to marry a man who sees women only as feeble-minded, second-class citizens or weak members of society.

An Afghan Girl Educates Herself (part 1)


The Mullah laughed and turned to the girls and teased: “Oh, I will see how you girls will go to school!”

Nelson Mandela, an Inspirational Hero

nelson mandela

I have wanted to go to South Africa ever since reading about Nelson Mandela’s hard work for peace and his anti apartheid movement.

My Little Princess

Smile of Angkor

I am going to draw your dreams in Baba’s big rocks
Your smiling face in Buddha’s visage
We will laugh out loud
Holler and hoot