Dear Mr. President


Now we want you to work hard to provide equal rights for us. You are the one who must fight to stop violence against women.

Leeda introduction

Leeda was born in 1989 in an educated family from Farah Province. During the Taliban years the family moved to Iran, returning in 2000. Currently, Leeda is studying law. She says she is writing “Because I would like to tell the story of Afghan women to women in the world…it is our duty to help each other, because women help each other.”

Reach High


Let’s move together,
My Sisters,
and fight for our rights.

The Big Wedding Party

praying at grave

Khadija‘s father was a serious and angry man. He wanted his son-in-law to hold a big wedding party for him and he thought he should buy lots of jewelry for his fiancé.

Snapshots from Herat

He is a baker

It is very difficult for a young woman to be a photojournalist in Afghanistan. Every day I face many problems in the city while taking photos.

I Want to Speak


I was tired when I saw discrimination
between boys and girls in a family.
I wondered then how much pain should I bear,
how much of a victim to be.

I Am Female — in Other Words, Human


Remind me why you imprison me in my home?
Why do you not allow me to travel alone?

A Love Marriage Without the Love

barren landscape

“It is either your family or Hekmat,” my family told me. “Choose Hekmat and you should forget us all.”

Eight Daughters for Sale, the Oldest First

child brides

One afternoon after Fershta and her sisters returned home from school, their father told them he had decided to sell them, one by one, by having them engaged to be married.

Problems of a Widow

boy on curb

Homayra’s husband was dead. The children were young and did not know that their father was gone, yet they no longer had a father to hug them, kiss their dirty faces, and play with them.