Lima introduction

Lima was born in Kandahar and lived in Kabul till she was 6 years old. During the Taliban period, she and her family lived as refugees in Pakistan. She then returned to Afghanistan, where she is the founder of a group which helps local Afghan artisans enter local and international markets, co-founder of an emergency charity foundation, and works in a variety of other fields to help women find work and Afghan children to be educated.

Don’t Ask A Man Who I Am, part 2


I have submitted the law to a group of women’s rights activists to work on and advocate to the Parliament to approve changes in the law. Do you want to help do something about it?

Don’t Ask a Man Who I Am

atlas taking off from kabul

He started shouting. “Sister, we are still using the Taliban’s government law in the passport department.”

What Are Afghanistan’s Priorities?

karzai with vice presidents

Neither external powers nor American money can rebuild Afghanistan. Only Afghans can, and the change has to come on an individual level.

I Wish I Knew

socrates and athena

In the mirror of those wishes I see the reflection of
My bright tomorrow

Dialogue about Sexism

buying a burqa

As a result of my interview with Dude, I found the biggest irony may be that many men are very satisfied with their gender role.

De Facto Partition: False Alternative for Afghanistan

Karzai, Obama, Zardari

Why is the Taliban still in Afghanistan? Why is Pakistan still supported by the U.S., even though they are supporting the Taliban? Where does the Taliban get their support and supplies, which are not depleted after nine years of constant war?

The Sorrow of War

napalm girl

I still have nightmares of the bombing every night from years back during the civil war in Afghanistan. I see myself injured again and again every night because I was injured when I was six. Often I ask myself: “Am I a normal human being now?” I wonder.

I Have Dreamed of You So Much

Project Artemis - Afghanistan

United we Afghan women can make history. United we can change the economic situation in Afghanistan and make our country strong again. United we can beat oppression.

My First Exam


The journey of two months came to an end. This was my last class and I would receive the results of my final exam. If I passed, this would allow me to step up to a higher level. All 45 of us were hoping. Everyone seemed to expect to hold the first position except me. The teacher announced the first and second highest scores of the class. Both were girls, and could you imagine who held the third highest?