man with two women in burqas

I’m tired from the dance of colors in each face
I’m tired of looking backwards
through barred windows and shame

What Happened to Equality?


My land has lost its happiness, but not so much by strangers and neighbors as by us. We have oppressed ourselves.

Finding Equality Within


Afghan culture today creates obstacles for us, but when one of us stands up and shows that we can mark history again, we see a remarkable change in the perspective of our counterparts and society as a whole.

Marzia N. introduction

Marzia N. was born in Afghanistan in 1987, but from age four she lived in and finished high school in Quetta, Pakistan, where her family sought safety from the civil war at home. After the family returned to Afghanistan in 2005, she completed her university degree and married. She is now studying for an MBA degree. She wants to start her own business.

My Father, Conqueror of My Heart

family on motorcycle

Here’s the truth behind an Afghan man
But let me not tell you,
Let me show you.

Lessons from My Mother

mother and children

When her own sisters blamed my her for giving her daughters and sons the right to choose, my mother told them that she wanted her kids to have a different life than hers.

In Search of a Champion


Mr. President, I want you to understand Afghan women and our pains. Please listen.



A teenager, I thought I had a green life ahead.
But when I became a mother, I lost my life partner to war.
That day, a cold snow spread all over my body.

Old Days


When I think of my childhood, I remember the old days
when I was a little girl, with black braided hair like goat horns.

Stand Up for Your Rights: An Action Call to Women


Where is that fearless woman who says “enough is enough,” goes to court, and divorces an abusive husband?