Life is God’s gift –
Not anymore!
The beheading of a young body here and there
Spirits ruined, bodies ​​shocked, souls separated

We Are Similar, Yet Different


I write to tell you about all the fear we all have in our hearts.

Ancient City of Herat Turned 3,000 Years Old This Year


Herat’s features have changed during the last fifteen years. Tall concrete buildings are replacing the small mud shops and homes.

What Afghan Women Endure


Whenever I think of a new way to improve my life, my family ignores it and tells me this is my time to marry.

Sense of Worth


It was difficult official day in a village
Hot days with hard work
I was pregnant

Tell Me, Women of This Land


I was stoned by ignorant and cruel
minds, ones who stopped my maturity,
did not allow me to go to school,
and then stamped “puberty”
on my forehead
and forced me to marry
an old man.

Marvah introduction

Marvah graduated from Asian University for Women and is a citizen journalist in Afghanistan. By writing she hopes to protect the voices of Afghan women and contribute to the existing literature on gender issues.

The Two Finger Test


In the Afghan judicial system, women and girls accused of “moral crimes” are ordered to have vaginal tests.

Eid Mubarak to My Family and May We Know Peace


I replied, “Thank you and same for you. I really miss you all.” But in truth I wished that nobody would wish me Eid Mubarak because then I started to cry.

There Is No Justice in Afghanistan, Only Shouts and Curses


This is a land of horror and shouting where all are depressed and disappointed.