Enjoying Winter Break


Open your eyes
Think so deep
The sky is dark
The ground is white

Najwa introduction

Najwa is a high school student in Afghanistan and she wants to become a writer and a doctor.



Tolo is the sound of freedom
The sound of peace
The sound of our nation
The Taliban can’t silence us

A Harsh and Beautiful Season


Watching the snow fall is calming even when the news is bad.

Hope Twinkles in a Dark Sky


I can hear the whining of wind, and then the stove in my room turning off. I feel cold, but I continue gazing at the dark sky.

I Write


I write to you from my heart
Life is like an old lyric
I write modern poems

Mary B. introduction

Mary B. is a high school student in Kabul. She hopes to study medicine and become a doctor.

Wishes for a New Year


Some people think walking on water is a miracle, but from where I live, simply walking peacefully in the street is a miracle.

My Future Is Not My Sheep


In front of the house is a large hill, where every morning a girl shepherded a flock of sheep. I could see her in the distance and hear her singing.

Mahtab introduction

Born in Iran, Mahtab is a high school student in Afghanistan. She volunteers at Afghan Peace Volunteers teaching street children, and when she finishes her education she wants to work on behalf of women and build schools in Afghanistan.