My Warrior Country


Herat is the city of respected Abdula Ansari
Balkh is the city of Mawlana and Ali Mawla

Women’s Roles Are Changing in Afghan Society


Three women in the working world tell the Afghan Women’s Writing Project how they are opening new doors to employment for Afghan women in society.

Manizha introduction

Manizha was born in Kabul and writes in Dari. She speaks several languages and she wants to tell the world what is happening in Afghanistan.

Nahid W. introduction

Nahid W. was born in a northeastern province of Afghanistan in 1993 but grew up in a neighboring country as a refugee from the wars. She has been drawing since she was six years old. She is studying business.

I Am Powerful


My knowledge is stronger than your gun

Under Burqa Is a Girl


I burned under the burqa.
No one could see my tears



We will never
achieve peace
when half of us are uneducated.

Free Kunduz from the Taliban!


What a disaster
It strangles our throats
This selfishness
Kunduz is burning

When the Monsters Come


The Taliban, those scorpions
In black turbans
They sting our nation
With their poison

My Pen Writes for Kunduz


My pen! I press your throat against paper
I want you to write for Kunduz
Kunduz wants peace