Ocean of Love and Death


The blue ocean seems dark to the eyes of a disappointed heart.
The ocean bears no beauty but loss.

My Ideal Dinner Guest


I would like to invite Ramazan Bashardost to dinner and I would serve him home-cooked manto—a most delicious pastry stuffed with meat—and the famously colorful chapli kebab.

In One Nation Two Can Lead


The announcement of the new president elect came just hours after runner up Abdullah Abdullah agreed to a negotiated power-sharing deal.

Hello My Dear President


This is a great time, my President, for you to become a hero for the next five years.

In One Nation Two Can Lead


You are Afghan and our elected leaders. By working together, you both can win.

Nastaran introduction

Nastaran graduated from medical school in Kabul and has worked with Afghanistan Health and Development Services.

My Only Fault Was Falling Asleep


I asked the patient to tell me what had happened to her. The mother-in-law replied: her daughter-in-law had injured herself in a fall on the stairs.

Dream World


My world is fiction, but it means a lot to me. In my world I can conceal my sorrows behind clouds and paint joy and happiness in a colorful rainbow.



To buy his family’s safety, your father spends every Afghani
he has saved for the last 30 years. Your mother sells
her jewelry.

A Lonely Rain


Me and my loneliness. An empty world.