On Killing the Cartoonists


Charlie Hebdo’s staff knew what they were doing; they knew the risk they were taking and I think they thoughtfully made cartoons to outrage Muslims, which succeeded, and led to their own deaths.

Don’t Embarrass Me


Please don’t try to shake my hand
It is haram, Islam tells me
not to shake hands with men

In Peshawar, I Pray for Peace


I wish for understanding for the murdered children and am praying for peace in the world.

Me and Others


Under my control are my heart, my feelings,
my wants, and I choose to be compassionate.
Yet suffering and sickness are human too—
Lying, cheating, selfishness, hatred.

They Do Love Me Too


He teaches me to bike when no one is home
He tells me the stories of outside
He always leaves half of his food for me

International Human Rights Day 2014


We must make sure that no one has control over women’s lives and women’s bodies, but women themselves,

Gender Divide


I can fall in love
And leave when I tire of it
I can smoke while walking freely
under the rain …

Misunderstanding Rape


The cultural ideology that women are property, devoid of rights or dignity, is the fundamental reason rape is perpetuated in Afghanistan.

American Troops Please Stay


If they leave too soon, Afghanistan will become insecure for Afghans living here and also for visitors. Our country will be secure only for terrorism and terrorist activities.

Why Fear


I wanted to dance. Fear locked my feet and arms.
I wanted to shout back at men on the street.
Fear told me only bad girls talk back… don’t shame your family…