Love Took My Hand


We flew
Toward the sky’s half-light with stars shining
Slowly your kind face appeared
I saw myself draw close

What I Know


Stability comes from struggle
Feelings come from faith
Politeness comes from family
Parents come from destiny

Gun or Pen


A gun, a pen
Dirty mind, clean heart
No future, good future:
You are one, we are millions.

Wake Up and Walk


Daughter of this sun-drenched land
Arise like a light morning breeze!
Wake up and call your name



I am alive
For those who wait
Who believe
Someone is there to help

Nigin introduction

Nigin spent her early years in Pakistan, until her family returned to Kabul where she lives with her parents and siblings. She hopes to study economics.

Men and Women Are Different


There is an area in Herat where boys are not allowed to even see their sisters after the age of sixteen. Men typically have more than one wife and they have many children from each wife.

Never Give Up


My test score had ruined all of my hopes and dreams. I felt like a failure. When university started, I didn’t have any interest in studying in the English department.

My Dear Sister


I wish you could wear the white school headscarf,
rather than wear the green wedding veil,
sleep all night so you could do well
in your studies,
rather than stay up all night for the baby.

The Heartwarming Winter in Afghanistan


I hate winter’s icy cold weather, the lack of equipment, the sea of mud it creates afterwards, but I love the warmth winter brings to people’s hearts and how it brings people closer.