Mahbooba introduction

Mahbooba was born in a province north of Kabul. She has seceral brothers and sisters and is an expert at sewing clothing. She can read and write in Dari, Pashto, and Urdu as well as English and she attends school in Kabul. She says: “I am so happy I can share my writing with everyone.”

The Risk in Selling a Daughter

sahar gul

“It was four o’clock in the morning and I knocked on the door. My father opened the door.”

Helping a Landmine Victim Regain Hope

minefields in afghanistan

After three years, she got a letter from her husband that said, “I can’t be with you anymore now that you are disabled, and I can’t keep you anymore.”

One Important Day in School

wheelchair ramp

Many people still think that a person who has a disability should stay home and never come out of the house.

What Islam Says about Marriage


God said in the Holy Quran, “I created earth and sky, and I created women and men with their bodies for each other.”

Literacy in Afghanistan, part 2: Educating Girls and Women

hand on blackboard

The girl cried and said, “My father won’t let me go back to school.”

Literacy in Afghanistan

hand on blackboard

Countries are like a family, and if we don’t have education we are like that five-year old child.

My Grandfather’s Gift

elderly man in kabul

He would say to us, “Life is another name for love and fun.”

Good Teacher in Helmand

one laptop per child

When she started her dream school she told her students that knowledge is more powerful than weapons and that they can improve their lives more with education than by fighting.

Heaven Is Below a Mother’s Feet

Sandra Calligaro classroom

One day the mother said to her son, “Son, you have to get married.” But her son had negative thoughts about women and he didn’t want to.