Ocean of Love and Death


The blue ocean seems dark to the eyes of a disappointed heart.
The ocean bears no beauty but loss.

My Father, Conqueror of My Heart

family on motorcycle

Here’s the truth behind an Afghan man
But let me not tell you,
Let me show you.

When We Were Kings and Queens


When I think of my childhood, I remember the old days
when I was a little girl, with black braided hair like goat horns.

Stand Up for Your Rights: An Action Call to Women


Where is that fearless woman who says “enough is enough,” goes to court, and divorces an abusive husband?

Mahnaz introduction

Mahnaz was born in western Afghanistan to a Shia family that placed high value on education. When she was eight years old, the Taliban came to power; Shias were particularly vulnerable to the Sunni Taliban threat. Fear and poverty forced the family to flee to Iran, where they faced economic and educational discrimination. After the fall of the Taliban, the family returned to Afghanistan, where Mahnaz studied hard and won a scholarship to continue her education abroad.

Beneath a Mother’s Feet

heaven is under a mothers feet

Heaven is beneath a mother’s feet,
sing the Afghan men softly sing into our ears.

Dear Grandmother


That winter was cold and icy. Your room was dark even with the small lantern, but you and grandfather brightened the surroundings with your kindness, stories, and the prayers.

My Wild Imagination


I am one of those women with a wild imagination.
I want to see women running in the park,
unburdened by worries that someone may judge them.

“Voice of Afghanistan” Singer Provokes Rude Commentary


Some comments praised the singer for her beauty or expressed their love for her, but many expressed hatred.

Missing You


You are not here to drink tea with me and laugh at our favorite show