Beneath a Mother’s Feet

heaven is under a mothers feet

Heaven is beneath a mother’s feet,
sing the Afghan men softly sing into our ears.

Dear Grandmother


That winter was cold and icy. Your room was dark even with the small lantern, but you and grandfather brightened the surroundings with your kindness, stories, and the prayers.

My Wild Imagination


I am one of those women with a wild imagination.
I want to see women running in the park,
unburdened by worries that someone may judge them.

“Voice of Afghanistan” Singer Provokes Rude Commentary


Some comments praised the singer for her beauty or expressed their love for her, but many expressed hatred.

Missing You


You are not here to drink tea with me and laugh at our favorite show

Living with the Taliban

hidden talib

We had been living outside of Herat in the house my father built for only a few months when the Taliban took control.

My Early Life

herat 1980s

A few months after we arrived, on a night filled with fear and gunfire, the Taliban reached Herat. From our house, we could see the hills where Ismail Khan’s forces were fighting the Taliban.

In My Room

GRE testbook

I sit at the corner of my room
Staring at my pale chicken soup
My books scattered around me

Women Are Not Like Honey


“Women are like a jar of honey, the jar should be always closed; otherwise men, who are like flies, will gather around the honey,” the man tells me.

The Horse-Cart Driver, part two


I felt a rebellious energy inside me. I pulled back my hand with strength. I stood, without any thought and fear, and I cried, “I want to get off.”