A Wish for Peace, New Year 2016


Whenever I think about celebrating the first day of 2016, the word that comes into my mind is “peace.”

Eid Mubarak to My Family and May We Know Peace


I replied, “Thank you and same for you. I really miss you all.” But in truth I wished that nobody would wish me Eid Mubarak because then I started to cry.

In Peshawar, I Pray for Peace


I wish for understanding for the murdered children and am praying for peace in the world.

A Lonely Rain


Me and my loneliness. An empty world.

On a Sleepless Night I Dream of Peace

Sardar memorial

I watched the news on the execution-style killing of nine people—including foreigners—in a strongly guarded luxury hotel in Kabul during Nowruz on March 21.

Power of Islam


Under Islam, men and women are meant to share equal roles in the family and society.

Many Meanings


I have heard many meanings
Life is beautiful, an endless sea of love
A broken mirror of the heart

Voices of Afghanistan: It’s Not about Clothing

three Kabul women in the 1970s

I think people like to talk about Aryana and pay attention to what she wears because she is the best female singer from Afghanistan.

The Importance of Family


I am the mother of six: I have two daughters and four sons. Our little house is always full of love and compassion.

Real Wealth Is Love


I had never met my fiancé until the engagement.