Dark Days


Our house was next to the highway and my parents worried that if fighting started our house would be used as a stronghold.

No Honor in Honor Killing


Honor killing is a crime committed against women and girls in my country by their own family members.

Ancient City of Herat Turned 3,000 Years Old This Year


Herat’s features have changed during the last fifteen years. Tall concrete buildings are replacing the small mud shops and homes.

My Father’s Story: Tales of a Teacher and the Taliban

father and child

“I was born in a green and beautiful village in 1944. My father was the village’s master, so we were almost rich and had lots of lands and gardens.”

Meeting First Lady Rula Ghani


While we were shaking hands I said that I liked how she speaks her mind, and she responded: “To speak your mind, you need to have a voice.”

Men and Women Are Different


There is an area in Herat where boys are not allowed to even see their sisters after the age of sixteen. Men typically have more than one wife and they have many children from each wife.

Winter Memories In Herat


On the first snow of the year, people would put some snow in an envelope with a note that said Barf az ma, Barfi az shama.

International Human Rights Day 2014


We must make sure that no one has control over women’s lives and women’s bodies, but women themselves,

Misunderstanding Rape


The cultural ideology that women are property, devoid of rights or dignity, is the fundamental reason rape is perpetuated in Afghanistan.

Why Fear


I wanted to dance. Fear locked my feet and arms.
I wanted to shout back at men on the street.
Fear told me only bad girls talk back… don’t shame your family…