International Human Rights Day 2014


We must make sure that no one has control over women’s lives and women’s bodies, but women themselves,

Misunderstanding Rape


The cultural ideology that women are property, devoid of rights or dignity, is the fundamental reason rape is perpetuated in Afghanistan.

Why Fear


I wanted to dance. Fear locked my feet and arms.
I wanted to shout back at men on the street.
Fear told me only bad girls talk back… don’t shame your family…



To buy his family’s safety, your father spends every Afghani
he has saved for the last 30 years. Your mother sells
her jewelry.

Lessons from My Mother

mother and children

When her own sisters blamed my her for giving her daughters and sons the right to choose, my mother told them that she wanted her kids to have a different life than hers.

Marzia introduction

Marzia grew up in Herat, the fifth of seventh children. She feels her life did not begin until after the fall of the Taliban. She is currently a student, and after her studies, hopes to be a lawyer working for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Halima Is My Hero


Many men had eyes on Halima and wanted to marry her as a second wife, but they were scared to propose to her since according to the culture, her brothers-in-law had the priority to marry her.

What I Expect from My New President

voter ink

As a result of the last election my country has improved a lot. Today women write, appear on TV, and speak on the radio.

Listen to Me

Jon Jamieson portrait

I am a girl of a different time, and times have changed.
I cannot live like my grandma did. She was not for herself.

Enter through One Door and Leave through Another

smiling girl in Kabul

There was no Internet where I could look it up and I couldn’t ask my friends at school. The Taliban didn’t let me go to school.