Lessons from My Mother

mother and children

When her own sisters blamed my her for giving her daughters and sons the right to choose, my mother told them that she wanted her kids to have a different life than hers.

Marzia introduction

Marzia grew up in Herat, the fifth of seventh children. She feels her life did not begin until after the fall of the Taliban. She is currently a student, and after her studies, hopes to be a lawyer working for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Halima Is My Hero


Many men had eyes on Halima and wanted to marry her as a second wife, but they were scared to propose to her since according to the culture, her brothers-in-law had the priority to marry her.

What I Expect from My New President

voter ink

As a result of the last election my country has improved a lot. Today women write, appear on TV, and speak on the radio.

Listen to Me

Jon Jamieson portrait

I am a girl of a different time, and times have changed.
I cannot live like my grandma did. She was not for herself.

Enter through One Door and Leave through Another

smiling girl in Kabul

There was no Internet where I could look it up and I couldn’t ask my friends at school. The Taliban didn’t let me go to school.

Afghan Women’s Rights: “Shaming Your Father”

Shinkai Karokhail

Today, our government wants to negotiate with the Taliban. The Taliban do not even recognize Karzai’s government and the new constitution.

Afghan Women’s Rights: Will History Repeat Itself?


In the last 100 years Afghanistan has had eight written constitutions. But tribalism has always prevailed despite the laws.

The Burden of the Family Honor

contemplative girl bw

I wondered why, in some places in Afghanistan, on the night before the wedding, women waited while the bride and groom went to the bridal chamber.

I Am Surviving

Seamus Murphy

In some ways, the orphans and I have a lot in common. We are survivors. Some define a survivor as someone who manages to live through a bad situation. Others define a survivor as one who lives on after their loved one has died. A real survivor is someone who gets through the bad stuff and does not let the bad stuff get in the way of life.