I Knew a Girl


Just a street girl
Watching people all day

They Do Love Me Too


He teaches me to bike when no one is home
He tells me the stories of outside
He always leaves half of his food for me

Gender Divide


I can fall in love
And leave when I tire of it
I can smoke while walking freely
under the rain …

Masooma introduction

Masooma was born in a small village in 1994 and moved to the capital city a few years ago to experience modern conveniences for the first time. Living in the village, she dreamed of going to school and being surrounded by books. She says: “Education and knowledge will give me enough power to fight the hardships of life and ignorance of my society. I will be a doctor or engineer or a sociologist who can help her society.”

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Yesterday my sister was afraid of going outside,
Today my sisters are going to school,
And tomorrow they will work outside of the home

Wicked Witch

dorothy and the wicked witch of the west

She looked evil, just like I’ve heard.
But then, something special happened—
I saw a light inside her heart

Alone Girl Alone


Sometimes I am tired of being an alone girl,
I am tired of people looking at me as a bad girl.

I Feed Myself


They will never let me be a vampire —
they don’t want a woman among them.

The Protest

2009 protest against Shia Family Law

Sleeping shouts
Came out for the first time in their lives
Because they were tired of injustice

Have a Look at the Last Ten Years


Consider Parwin, the sixteen-year-old girl who agreed to marry an old warlord if he would stop fighting against the government.