Hello My Dear President


This is a great time, my President, for you to become a hero for the next five years.

Massoma introduction

Massoma was born in Urozgan Province. She graduated from university in 2005. She works for a NATO organization and helps the children of Herat. Massoma is happy to be a part of AWWP as both a writer and photographer.

Forgiveness: A Prose Poem


They talked and talked and sold me.

The Woman District Governor

Saira Shakeeb Sadat

I can picture a day in her life, where she prepares happily to go to work, but there is always a nagging stress in her heart. She must face the world in a way that ensures people will accept her.

On the Way to Snow

begging in snow

Uoooof, snow is coming.
Where will it alight?
How much will fall?

Child Bride

wedding day in herat

Afsana, a beautiful child , wanted to go outside and play with her friends, but instead she found herself in a wedding dress, preparing to marry. “I was only twelve years old,” she told me.

My School for Street Kids

massoma school orange

I spent all of my salary and bought materials and uniforms for all the children. We had five plastic chairs and one desk, and we purchased a rug for the students to sit on.

The Herat Karate Team

The Herat Karate Club

Sports for women were banned during the dark Taliban years. But in the last six years a 23-year-old Afghan woman with a black belt in karate has been teaching 35 girls in her favorite sport and she hopes to enter them in national competitions.

Self-Immolation: Rahima’s Story

rahima and family

Rahima, a 26-year-old woman in the Chahar Su area of Herat City, survived self-immolation at the age of eleven brought about because of a forced marriage. With the help of the Afghan Women’s Network, she has built a new life and sees a happy future.