Life is God’s gift –
Not anymore!
The beheading of a young body here and there
Spirits ruined, bodies ​​shocked, souls separated

Sense of Worth


It was difficult official day in a village
Hot days with hard work
I was pregnant

Love Took My Hand


We flew
Toward the sky’s half-light with stars shining
Slowly your kind face appeared
I saw myself draw close

Me and Others


Under my control are my heart, my feelings,
my wants, and I choose to be compassionate.
Yet suffering and sickness are human too—
Lying, cheating, selfishness, hatred.



A teenager, I thought I had a green life ahead.
But when I became a mother, I lost my life partner to war.
That day, a cold snow spread all over my body.

Mina T. introduction

Mina T. was born in 1961 in Kabul. She attended university before the war, receiving a bachelor’s degree, and has worked as an agricultural researcher.



She thought she’d spend her life serving him
Her four children sometimes full, sometimes hungry
She thought just be nice and obey.

The Yellow Paper Flower Sketch


He sketched for me, one day,
On a piece of yellow paper.
It was a simple drawing,

Once I Loved You


I thought you my mate
My fellow traveler
That we would be together
Here on earth and in paradise

Our Sons on the Field


How perfectly they played,
so calm and courteous and disciplined,
people from all religions on the playing field.