She thought she’d spend her life serving him
Her four children sometimes full, sometimes hungry
She thought just be nice and obey.

The Yellow Paper Flower Sketch


He sketched for me, one day,
On a piece of yellow paper.
It was a simple drawing,

Once I Loved You


I thought you my mate
My fellow traveler
That we would be together
Here on earth and in paradise

Our Sons on the Field


How perfectly they played,
so calm and courteous and disciplined,
people from all religions on the playing field.

The Dark Net

behind the burqa net

I must cover my face until the day I die.
I get a headache.


sunrise over range

I am waiting for the moment
When I hear your footsteps
I’ve been waiting a long time

Allah’s Gifts

colorful field and sky

the beauty of colors
imagine colors in sunshine.
The number of colors is uncountable—gifts.

Seeking My Lucky Star in My Life

pamir mountains

I was on top of Pamir Mountain.
Wow! How comfortable, how lofty,
What a beautiful sight.
Never have I seen it in my life

A House Divided

child laborers

I feel ashamed
when I sit at the dining table eating for more than an hour until I am full, but my country’s children from morning to dark night hunt for food in the dirty garbage

Garden of Flowers

boys in poppy field

When I was a child, it was in my dream to grow into a young man who would go to school and be an educated person with a hobby and a good job. My wishes were to be happy, without sorrow, to live without hurting anyone.