Mona introduction

Mona was born in Iran to an Afghan refugee family. Now living in Afghanistan, Mona studies at a university in Kabul. She hopes her writing will help raise the status of women in Afghan society.

Watch Out for Underage Drivers in Kabul


I would love to drive myself, but not in Afghanistan.

Finding Independence

v's for victory

I decided I must find a full-time job. I searched, and asked my friends and teachers to help me find a good job. After three months, I found an office job. Now I earn my own way.

The Wonderful Yard

sunflowers and blue sky

Surrounding the garden were sunflowers, which were tall, yellow and green. When the sunflowers ripened, they gave seeds, which my father and I ate while watching TV and movies.

Going to College

Kabul University discussion

I looked at the title of the first chapter of my Universe Success book titled “Why Go to College?”

Like Painting with Watercolors under Rain: Visiting India

taj mahal

All of my India travels were wonderful, but one will always stick with me. My friends and I had gone out in a group and I was wearing white clothes when suddenly it began raining.

A Child’s Ramadan Fast

At the end of class Mozhgan came over and ate a cake in front of me. I told her I was hungry and thirsty. Mozhgan encouraged me to eat or drink something, so I ate a piece of cake.