Spring Had a Nice Feel after Voting

ink fingers

I asked my mom if her vote was equal to half of a man’s vote. “No they are same. One man’s vote equals one woman’s vote,” she said.

My Puzzle

cats near bridge

Suddenly I heard a voice in darkness. I was amazed – who could have found me?

Why Can’t Tears Stop Your Violence


Your mother wants to hug you
Your wife waits for you
Must your power come
By killing your brothers?


pointing at blackboard

Today, you go to school.
Tomorrow, you’ll want ride a bicycle.
That’s what I don’t like.

The Abandoned Family


The young woman looked for her husband every day on the streets, but she could not find him.


bird with rose

I am your orphan, miss you now,
my dear angel.

Justice all over the World for Women


I am a leaf, fallen from a tree.
Everyone has forgotten me,

Missing My Mom

washing feet

missing my mother
she lit my day
and charmed my night
she tapped my cradle all the night

Mother’s Love

moon and bare tree

Your wise, clever eyes
gave birth to freshness
in my heart thick with fog.

I Am a Sparrow

flying sparrow

Open the door,
and I will be, I can
become a success.