Norwan introduction

Norwan is an Afghan woman who is married and expecting her first child. She wants to write for AWWP in order to tell the world more about the situation of Afghan women.

Dust off Our Hearts and Find Love

heart street art

I remember to clean my office desk, but forget to clean the dust from my heart. This is the main problem for me and may be for you, dear reader!

I Am Married with You, Afghanistan

Afghan children

I love the people of Afghanistan so much. I love this country of stories and hope one day to write every story, describe every smile and every tear.

Rainy Eyes


I am not a doll
Not a toy
I am a woman

A World of Difference


There is a world of difference
Between me and you
My western sister

Remember to Forget

moon in clouds

Behind the mountains
The clouds cry
That I can’t see the moonlight


women march

We Women Will Win

Traveling Tales

airplane sun

I wore my hat and left the shop when I noticed everyone looking at me; they were whispering with each other.

My Dearest Angel Father

father sheltering daughters

You empowered me when you said, “If I die, I am sure you will find your way, my wise daughter.” I am so very thankful for your kindness—a gift that now, since I lost you, feels like a dream.

My Allah


One person kills himself
A generation dies