I Can’t Forget


My hair, two pony tails, covered the stand well
and I was full of words, so much to tell

For the Girl Selling Gum


No matter if others say you can’t
Give it a try, you can do it

Racist, Shame on You!


Racist, burn your clothes and throw away your tie, your name-brand shoes.

Paana introduction

Paana grew up in an educated family in Afghanistan. She writes about social and political dilemmas in Afghanistan in order to contribute to bringing a better change for her country.

The Taliban and Daesh Use Us Like Toys


We want the rights of humans: To breathe without fear, roam without fear, enjoy our lives with our families, celebrate our culture and customs, and pursue educations.

Raha introduction

Raha is a high school graduate in Afghanistan. She likes to write about women and children.

For Paris


Side by side French people
Helped my country

For Rukhshana!


Every stone thrown at your
Innocent body
Breaks our country

Our Tears Fall


The tears fall
by drop
by drop.

The Mask of Jihad


Rather than using the religious terminology, we Afghan people must work together along with the government to find solutions for the problems of corruption. We cannot remove corruption with Jihad, Allah Akbar, and Alhamdulillah.