Blue Dress of Sky


I want to climb the rainbow, step by step by step

The Biggest Sin


You said my charms that made
you a sinful man.

Toilet Paper


In a dark society
I can only be hidden.

My Voice Is My Action


I believe the violence comes from our religious thoughts, as they are being represented by men.

Raha introduction

Raha is a university student in Afghanistan where she is studying political science and gender studies.

The Streets Are Also Mine


I am blessed with a great family who supports equal education for girls and boys.

Burning Farkhunda, Burning Our Beliefs


It sounded ridiculous to me—a woman in Kabul, daring to burn our Qur’an?

My Untouched Soul


He came to marry me
To buy me a necklace
An Arabic golden ring.

Zemestan hay Kabul!


Winters in Kabul were so cold. But more than the cold, winter was like the season of disaster and madness.

Do Not End This Poem


I am taller than my book of poems
And heavier for burying so many stories