Missing You More Than Anything


The movie I watch
The road I walk
The restaurant I see
The song I hear

Kabul Artist in Body Armor Makes Street Harassment a Public Issue


Women’s actions are never taken seriously in Afghanistan, but the radical Kubra Khademi walking down the street in her metal suit encouraged discussion of street harassment all across Kabul.

I Write


I write to the blind ears
I write. I don’t care
If you don’t read it
I write for my son

My Broom Sweeps the Dust


Mom looks at me and says,
“Daughter! You must work even harder
Because you will marry soon, very soon!”

My Pen, My Pride


In front of you, I am a woman, your slave, a tired face of fear
What do I mean to you?
I know the answer: A victim of tolerance, a friend of silence

In the Old Ramadan, a Girl’s Prayers Went Unheard


Our Islamic teacher at university said that because women cannot fast for all thirty days of Ramadan and cannot pray every day, women are half believers and narrow minded.

Blue Dress of Sky


I want to climb the rainbow, step by step by step

The Biggest Sin


You said my charms that made
you a sinful man.

Toilet Paper


In a dark society
I can only be hidden.

My Voice Is My Action


I believe the violence comes from our religious thoughts, as they are being represented by men.