Candidates Make Promises for Women’s Vote

2014 election billboard 2

Women should recognize the value of the timing of this election and use this opportunity to show off their abilities to society and the world.

Marriage Tradition and a Murder

red in cemetery

God created the first woman, Bibi Hawa, from a left rib of Baba Adam in order for man and woman to be equal. Otherwise God could have created her from the feet of Adam so she would always serve him and have no rights.

For Nilab, Forced to Marry at Thirteen

too young to wed

When the wedding party ended she was taken to her in-laws’ home and from the first day of her marriage, her husband and her in-laws wanted her to become a prostitute.

Five Sisters

five girls

Sometimes, I wish for our childhood again
To go with my sisters to the shop and buy chocolates

The Women’s Vote

women voters

If an Afghan girl can make decisions about her life and be married at the age of sixteen—a step that affects her whole life under the civil laws of Afghanistan—why can’t she vote?

Break the Rule


God is not against love.
He loves the one who is in love.

Cursed Baby


I said, “But she is such a cute and innocent baby. See, she isn’t even crying!” I got the most awful and cruelest reply.

You Are a Woman, Do Not Tell Anyone!


Would I have to marry at twelve years old? I knew this could happen. My aunt had to marry after only one month, and many people still follow this tradition in Afghanistan.

Rabia A. introduction

Rabia A. was born in what she describes as an open-minded family. She has a degree from Kabul University and works for an international foundation. She has seen women suffer from all kinds of violence and she wants to bring their stories to light in order to change society’s views.

Qudsia’s Three Children

three in cart

The new wife didn’t like the three children and she wanted to send them to an orphanage.