Our Tears Fall


The tears fall
by drop
by drop.

The Mask of Jihad


Rather than using the religious terminology, we Afghan people must work together along with the government to find solutions for the problems of corruption. We cannot remove corruption with Jihad, Allah Akbar, and Alhamdulillah.

I Wish You Knew How I Loved You, My Brother


I sat on the back of my father’s old bicycle in my burqa with a lunchbox full of bolani in my hands.

Taliban! Leave My Country


You hid me under the blue burqa
You didn’t know, I became a fighter

Beautiful Parwan: Place of My Dreams


I had never smelled such cool, fresh air, not dusty or warm, but perfect weather that made me feel like I was in the paradise that the religious scholars talk about in the mosque.

Sad News in Kabul


One day it is Taliban; then it is ISIS
It is my heart full of hate; it is my loved ones who die

Missing You More Than Anything


The movie I watch
The road I walk
The restaurant I see
The song I hear

Kabul Artist in Body Armor Makes Street Harassment a Public Issue


Women’s actions are never taken seriously in Afghanistan, but the radical Kubra Khademi walking down the street in her metal suit encouraged discussion of street harassment all across Kabul.

I Write


I write to the blind ears
I write. I don’t care
If you don’t read it
I write for my son

My Broom Sweeps the Dust


Mom looks at me and says,
“Daughter! You must work even harder
Because you will marry soon, very soon!”