Heart of a Warrior


She looks out at you, abroad, in your newspapers,
from your websites, and she knows you are looking

Chai Sia


Inside the kitchen,
sitting in front of the boiling water,
My heart is boiling together with stress, and his voice
Cuts my senses with a sharp knife.

Violence Can Never Bring Peace


Taliban, you make my body a shell empty from the inside.

Shame on Taliban


Cowardly Taliban prove once again – through the tragedy in Peshawar – what the world already knows about them. Their evil acts are inhuman and uncivilized.

Cradle of Violence


What do we need to do to lessen violence in Afghan society? If violence ends, will there still be a country called Afghanistan?

For Our President


Be loyal, wise, and we
will support you through
all. You have given hope
to the eyes of the old,
the eyes of the child.

Culture Shock: Pet Vaccines and Bikinis


Seeing whole body tattoos was shocking. What if the design gets boring next year? Or what if a man’s wife does not like it?

Mrs. Beautiful and Mr. Nice


I have to hear you man!
I am not a mistake
Of course I make a mistake
You too. We are human.

Afghan Woman


I walk into a room—the darkest room.
A man is there. Who is he? I wonder.
He is not the one of my dreams.

Is Unity More Than a Slogan?


Who can guarantee that the two sides can continue with national unity in the future? Who will guarantee that the losing candidate won’t continue to object to the winner?