Broken Glass


my life is turning like autumn
I feel as scattered the leaves
buried under the roof

Pakiza introduction

Pakiza was born in 1987. During the Taliban years, she fled with her family to Islamabad, Pakistan, where she lived and was educated over the next 16 years. Currently, Pakiza works for an NGO dedicated to helping Afghan refugees who are returning home. She has been writing stories and poems since childhood.

The Decision

woman in arch

I chose a person to love when I felt alone
May Allah forgive me for the decision I made


yellow rose blue sky

When your presence shined on me, I felt like a star
You made me laugh

I Can’t Coz It Was Always You…


Come hold me coz I wanna be yours
I am getting scattered


woman in pink

My feet tremble … I look back … blurred faces appear, my daughter and
the dreadful home. I chose her, and the dreadful home chose me. I smile as
if nothing happened.


canary in cage

The pain my love pounded in me
is like a stone, heavy and hard.
My love for him can’t lift it from within.

Dear Women of the World

girls in school

We are no longer weak. We are the mothers of the future and what mistakes our mothers made we will not repeat. We will not let anyone steal our dreams: we will snatch them back and tell them this isn’t yours.

My Daughter, Yamna

pink jacket

The dream I have for her, Inshallah, is for imagination
that I grew up with in this world. She is 3 years old now
and I will place her in school when she turns 7.

To My Loved One

holding hands

I wish…
I could be the hands to touch you all the time.
I wish I could be your smiles to glow on your face all the time.