Cursed Baby


I said, “But she is such a cute and innocent baby. See, she isn’t even crying!” I got the most awful and cruelest reply.

Rabia introduction

Rabia was born in Kabul to a well educated family that supports education for women. Currently, she is attending university. Rabia hopes to enter the medical profession when she completes her higher education.

Theater Under a Blanket (part 2)

taliban five

We placed the TV on the ground and put a big blanket on top of it. For extra precaution everyone stuck their heads inside the blanket. There were three heads inside and the legs swinging outside, me and my sisters. We turned on the TV.

Theater Under a Blanket (part 1)

shahrukh khan

Prior to watching a movie, you had to set up the environment for it. We put thick, dark blankets on all the windows and turned off the lights because the Taliban would take turns searching all the houses for these things.

A Nest of Taliban


Wearing black clothes, with long hair, beards and black goggles, they looked like devils. They carried AK-47s and RPGs in their hands, and many different weapons on their shoulders.