Break the Rule


God is not against love.
He loves the one who is in love.

You Are a Woman, Do Not Tell Anyone!


Would I have to marry at twelve years old? I knew this could happen. My aunt had to marry after only one month, and many people still follow this tradition in Afghanistan.

Mud Puddle Puppy


He threw the ball several times and I brought it for him. Every time he gave me a piece of delicious fish.

If I Were an Artist

contemplating sculpture

If I were a good artist and had a block of stone, a hammer and chisel, I would carve a beautiful woman.

My Childhood, part 2

pumping well

I enjoyed life in Iran because we had electricity and we did not have to pump the well for ten minutes just to fill a 20-liter barrel. We did not have to carry our clothes to the river to do our laundry.

My Childhood, part 1

Baker woman

We had a dog we kept for security and we would feed him bread that fell onto the coals. I remember one day when my youngest brother and I were very hungry and had nothing to eat.

The Mulberry Tree


When I was about five years old, my grandmother had a big mulberry tree in her yard. She would sweep the mulberries that already covered the yard in the early mornings.

Steps Along My Path

dark street

She saw the wooden doors with their two signs: one heavy and long, about 10 centimeters; the other light and circle shaped. The heavy one was for men to knock, and the light one for women. That way the owner of the house could easily know who was knocking, man or woman, by the sound.signs

God’s Creations

lion at night

As a child, I was always afraid of animals and insects. We didn’t keep animals in the house and I wasn’t used to being around them. Why had God created cats and mice and chickens and cows? I wondered.

Lend Me Kindness; I Will Return Twice of It!

boy in bakery

I learned that every human being needs another, and we should support others in time of need. I also learned that people have different personalities; some may help you and some may not. I learned that when I am disappointed and it seems all the doors are closed for me, there can be an open door, too.